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Advisory medical and scientific corps of BEWIT

We are honored that we can gradually introduce you the members of our BEWIT medical and scientific advisory corps.

MUDr. Kamil Běrský

He studied the general medicine at the Medical Faculty of the actual Masaryk University in Brno. After six years of practice at Brno research clinics he went privately to study in Switzerland and the USA. After the return, he began to work as a general practitioner in order to be closer to people and to their problems.

He practices and follows the medicine in the international level. Also collects actively various evidence from medical sources from all parts of the world, he is interested in the historical context, the latest medical knowledge and experiences. Represents the general practitioners in congresses and meetings. He is also member of Committee of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně.


His basic professional creeds are as following:

“Health. Studying and Living Life for Life.” (A. Lincoln)

The way how to live in the health with force and vitality is in what God has created and not in what man has changed.

Wisdom of yesterday, the fate of tomorrow with the essential oils.


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