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Vegan proteins

Who are vegetable proteins a great helper for?

Vegans and vegetarians or celiacs. Also athletes who are concerned with regeneration and growth of muscle mass, or weight loss. It is not a rule that plant proteins are only for vegans. Plant proteins are for everyone who wants to diversify their diet and want to increase the amount of plant protein and fiber. Anyway, it is the only alternative for those who are allergic to lactose and classic milk (whey) protein. The use of these proteins is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, people with allergies to milk protein, and also to gluten.

How to choose a vegan vegetable protein?

For vegetable proteins, it is recommended to choose from multiple component proteins. This increases the chance that it will contain all the amino acids in larger quantities. This way you can easily get a functional vegan protein with an ideal composition and a more favorable amino acid spectrum. The amount of protein and amino acids is the most important factor when choosing a protein. Compared to whey protein, plant-based proteins are easier to digest, but take longer to absorb. However, they do not cause any digestive problems such as bloating, flatulence. BEWIT's vegetable proteins contain camu camu and reishi ingredients to support your immune system and the mechanisms that maintain proper blood cholesterol levels. Antioxidants of freeze-dried fruit (Baobab powder, Emblica medical) as well as grape seeds will support the protection of your cells against free radicals. Last but not least, the unique combination of rose hips and flax will contribute to good digestion.


What are the types of plant proteins?

Grape seed protein
Protein from grape skins
Hemp protein
Sea buckthorn protein
Soy protein
Rice protein
Pea protein
Pumpkin protein
Poppy protein
Almond protein
Chia protein

Which vegan protein is better?

Among the popular ones are soy, rice and hemp. Proteins from sea buckthorn, grape skins or grape seeds are interesting and no less well-known for their benefits. It is best to combine several vegetable sources of protein in one preparation to cover the entire spectrum of amino acids. Grape seed protein contains up to 18 amino acids. Thanks to its high glutamine content, it supports gut health. Sea buckthorn protein contains 21 amino acids. It also contains beta-carotene. Its supplement in a natural form will be appreciated especially by women in the summer months. Customers liked these proteins Vegan protein pineapple, Vegan chokeberry protein with black currant.

Benefits of vegan protein

1) Supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
2) Helps with weight loss and reduction diets.
3) Speeds up metabolism.
4) They help with regeneration after sports performance.
5) Proteins are indispensable in the formation of cells of the immune system.
6) They reduce hunger and cravings. Proteins have the highest satiating effect.

It goes very well with breakfast porridge or a fruit shake. We must not forget the protein pancakes and cakes. BEWIT vegan proteins contain a balanced ratio of natural carbohydrates and coconut fat, so they kick you up and give you long-lasting energy. 

BIO vegan proteins

With plant-based proteins, more than anywhere else, it's better to go organic. They should come from the best and purest sources possible. BIO certification ensures the origin of all raw materials used from organic farming. Plant proteins from BEWIT contain exclusively BIO certified raw materials of the highest possible quality.


How to take vegan (plant-based) protein?

The protein dosage of plants is much higher because they have a lower proportion of protein. In general, however, we can consider 20–⁠40 g of protein as the optimal dose.

Do you still need to increase your plant protein intake?

A dietary supplement can help you with this - a prawtein rich in proteins such as Omega Synergy, or the green superfood Spirulina, which contains a high amount of proteins that are rich in essential amino acids. Other foods with a high protein content include, for example, flax, sunflower and chia seeds. To improve the taste of your protein, try freeze-dried fruit, which will also provide you with valuable nutrients and fiber.

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