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Protein drinks

Looking for optimal nutrition to complement your diet and meet your natural needs? BEWIT protein drinks are suitable as a quick snack in the form of a drink or porridge. 

Protein drinks from flax 

The main ingredient of the herbal drinks is defatted flax seed. Such seeds are a source of high quality protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc. In this form, the minerals are natural for the body and also the most absorbable. 

Nutrient-balanced drinks

Vegan drinks contain high quality proteins, lipids and also carbohydrates from which the body draws energy. They can be suitable for supplementing the normal diet during the daily rush or as a drink or porridge to satiate. They are easy to digest and contain high amounts of fibre, which is important for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. 

Protein drinks with plant extracts

Protein drinks are enriched with plant extracts that are a source of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, but also antioxidants and other active substances important for maintaining overall vitality and proper functioning of the body. 

Protein drinks - 100% natural

Looking for protein drinks without fillers, preservatives, flavourings and other artificial nonsense?

Our unique, nutritionally and taste-wise perfectly tuned protein drinks will stand up to even the most demanding consumers.

Thanks to the balanced composition, they reliably satiate and provide energy. And that's without burdening your stomach.

They are compact and very easy to prepare.

The perfect alternative in the morning, after sports and on the go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are protein drinks suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, our protein drinks are 100% vegan.

What are the main ingredients in protein drinks?

Plant protein, quality fats, complex carbohydrates and essential fibre.

Thanks to the contained superfoods, it will also enrich your diet with valuable antioxidants and a wide range of active substances.

What is the shelf life of protein drinks?

Thanks to the dry form and the high quality of the ingredients, they have a long shelf life, even without added preservatives.

To prevent them from getting wet and thus deteriorating, we recommend storing them in a dry and cool place and observing the expiry date indicated on the product packaging.


What are the differences between the different variants of BEWIT Protein Drinks?


The different variants of protein drinks differ in flavour and slightly in the content of the nutrients represented.

Consult the nutritional tables and choose the protein drink that suits your needs and taste preferences.

Each flavour of protein drink is available in two variants. They are sweetened with either dried cane juice (jaggery) or sweeteners from the stevia plant.

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