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Tips for scenting the interior of a car with essential oils


Do you like having a nice scented car during every journey, but are tired of chemical car fragrances? Looks like you came to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to scent your car interior with aroma diffusers with 100% natural essential oils. 

Essential oils for car cleaning

Car cleaning is a boring chore for many people, but we will show you how car cleaning can become a pleasant and fragrant activity thanks to essential oils which are 100% pure and natural and when inhaled (breathed in) they enter the limbic system in the brain and affect our decision-making, mood, mind, and even our perception. Plants contain valuable active substances that help us in many ways, whether we are talking about clean surroundings, vitality or our mood. Using essential oils is easier than you thought and they can literally work magic. How?

You can add a few drops of essential oil on a cloth when dusting your car, and you will see how beautiful your car interior will smell. When in contact with skin or plastics, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of the oil, or to prepare a solution that we put on a cloth, so that the essential oil does not damage the surfaces. Essential oils are extracted from plants and are a powerful concentrate. Essential oils make the car smell great and ensure a clean and fresh feeling. A few drops can be dripped on cloth or used as an air freshener in diluted form. 

Waterless electric car aroma diffuser 

Electric car aroma diffuser 

If you want to indulge in aromatherapy while driving, try the waterless car aroma diffuser. There is no need to add water. Just screw the essential oil bottle into diffuser. Aroma diffuser STRONG by BEWIT is designed for use in the car or any place where you want to create a pleasant atmosphere. The aroma diffuser is equipped with two modes for home and car. The car mode has a built-in shock sensor, so whenever the car is still, the diffuser switches to quiet mode and stops spraying essential oil. The aroma diffuser is rechargeable and has a long battery life, making it suitable for longer trips. You can mix individual essential oil scents according to your own taste or use a specific blend of essential oils suitable for aroma diffusers. 

Aroma diffuser for car without charging

This variant does not need to be charged and can be used anywhere, but it does not hold such a large amount of essential oil. We have several types of these diffusers. Paper, wooden, ceramic or in bottlethat can be filled and screwed in. The scent comes out through the wooden cap making your car beautifully scented. For other diffusers, just drip the essential oil on and enjoy the effects and irreplaceable scent of essential oils while driving. 

Aroma bottle for essential oils for the car

Car aroma diffuser for every occasion

Compared to commercially available car fragrances, essential oils have the advantage of their natural origin and effectiveness in many areas. Each essential oil carries different valuable substances of the plant from which it is extracted and therefore has different effects. 

Soothing essential oils for the car

Travelling in a car can suddenly become a very unpleasant situation, but don't worry. Essential oils in car aroma diffusers work wonders. Try, for example, the essential oil of Lavender. Lavender itself is very calming and mind-clearing. It comes in many variations, whether you like more herbal BEWIT Lavender, lavender slightly bitter BEWIT Cashmere or sweetish BEWIT France, or floral BEWIT Lavender Spike. Read more about lavender in this article.

Energising essential oils for car aroma diffuser

Need a refreshment and a kick while driving in the car? Bet on citrus! Whether you choose BEWIT Lemon or BEWIT Tangerine, BEWIT Grapefruit or BEWIT Lime, believe that the citrus scents of the essential oils in the aroma diffuser will not leave you in the lurch during your car journey. A blend of essential oils also has an energising effect BEWIT 3Sto help you during moments of quick decision-making while driving.

Concentration-enhancing essential oils while driving

If you have a problem with inattention and are distracted in the car, need to calm your mind and switch your focus to driving or one specific activity, try a blend of essential oils BEWIT Focus created for these situations. Very beneficial can also be BEWIT Basil or BEWIT Rosemary. 

Essential oils for long car journeys 

If you often take a long journey and the umpteenth coffee from the petrol station doesn't help anymore, try BEWIT Po-W-Er. It often happens that your body gets used to a stimulant, in many cases it can be caffeine from coffee, and after repeatedly drinking coffee and increasing the amount, it simply stops working. The BEWIT Po-W-Er essential oil blend contains valuable substances from plants that, when inhaled from the diffuser in the car, reach our brain, where they have impact on the limbic system and can give us a kick during long journeys. Of course, it's also important to stay full and drink plenty of fluids. 

Essential oils for the car

Cosy and warm essential oils for car diffuser

Do you like sweet and warm essential oils drenched in sunshine? In that case BEWIT Despacito is the right one for you. BEWIT Despacito essential oil evokes a joyful and warm feeling, which you can also enjoy while driving thanks to the car diffusers. 

Car essential oils for women 

BEWIT WOMAN No. 1 will delight every woman and lover of sweet-floral fragrances with a spicy woody touch.  It will boost your confidence, and not just when driving. Essential oil BEWIT GOLD A-SHA WOMAN will create an atmosphere of harmony and peace during your ride.

Essential oils for car diffuser for men 

BEWIT GOLD A-SHA MAN is an excellent blend of essential oils for every man. The blend is suitable for inducing harmony and calm at home, at work, but also at the wheel. Typical man essential oils include BEWIT Sandalwood or BEWIT Cedar.


If you're looking to scent the interior of your car, essential oils are a great choice. Try different types of aroma diffusers that will not only allow you to scent your car, but also create a pleasant atmosphere while travelling. From the soothing scent of lavender to refreshing citrus and supportive blends for concentration or energisation, there are many ways to tailor a fragrance to your personal tastes and needs. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are essential oils that can complement your personal style and bring a cosy and harmonious atmosphere to your car. However, be sure to follow the recommended concentrations and safety guidelines when using essential oils to enjoy their pleasant properties without risk. Whether you're taking a short trip to work or a long holiday journey, let the essential oils scent your car and create a unique travel experience.