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Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning


What's the truth about coffee in the morning? Is it bad or good? How often we should drink coffee or rather not drink it? Why do you get tired after coffee and why do you need to increase your coffee intake? We will answer all these questions in the article. 

Coffee is a phenomenon of modern times and of the 21st century in particular. We are trying to stay productive even though there is the ever increasing and omnipresent pressure on achievement, more and more information to process, and of course loads of paperwork and screen time. This is all processed by the brain, which then sends signals of overload in the form of fatigue and exhaustion. A lot of people then try to beat back their tiredness with a cup of coffee, and thus get into an endless cycle of exhaustion that coffee doesn't solve. The problem can often be in drinking coffee right after waking up. Is coffee what your body actually needs in the morning? 

Why it's not good to drink coffee in the morning

A lot of people start their day with a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up, pressing the coffee machine button with their eyes still glued shut. Due to its caffeine content, coffee is considered a kicker and therefore some people can't imagine their mornings without it. However, the truth is that in the morning after waking up, the human body has a relatively high level of cortisol and caffeine will increase this level even more. Cortisol is a stress hormone that tells the body to increase blood pressure and energy. The effect on the body is that you feel energized after coffee, but later in the day fatigue sets in because the body has depleted its energy reserves, and usually many people solve this problem with another cup of coffee. 

Coffee also has positive effects, but under certain circumstances and conditions. One of them is not to drink it first thing in the morning after waking up or in the late afternoon, this then disturbs deep sleep. 

So how do you kickstart your morning? 

You don't have to skip coffee, it's just important to keep a gap of about 90 minutes after waking up, when cortisol levels, which the body uses to wake up, are gradually reduced. This way, you won´t feel tired and you won´t have reduced motivation during the day due to a fast increase in the already very high cortisol level and then a fast drop. Keep reading and you will learn tips on how to get up in the morning without reaching for a dose of caffeine as soon as you wake up. 

Have some cocoa

If you have a strong urge to drink something warm as soon as you wake up, prepare BEWIT Ceremonial Cocoa made from fermented cocoa beans, to which you can add coconut cream for a smooth and creamy taste. You will find in our offer a perfectly blended ceremonial cocoa, with BEWIT Coconut Milk, a blend of warming spices sweetened with natural BEWIT dried cane juice. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine, but at a lower level, which is ideal for a smoother and more natural transition and habit from morning coffee to coffee a little later. 

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - have a ceremonial cocoa

Expose yourself to the sun

There is nothing more natural than the rays of the sun. That the sun has a positive effect on you is more than clear. You'll probably read everywhere about how the sun's rays replenish vitamin D and boost immunity, but the sun also affects serotonin (the happiness hormone) levels and induces a sense of well-being, promotes positive thinking and helps to set the circadian rhythm right. 

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - expose yourself to the sun

Treat yourself to aromatherapy

A large number of essential oils have stimulating and invigorating effects. Their molecules do not nourish you, but they act on the olfactory receptors that transmit information to the brain. This affects how you feel and can kick-start, energise and invigorate in a similar way to caffeine. The most powerful ones are definitely citrus fruits such as BEWIT Citron, BEWIT Tangerine or also BEWIT Orange, for lovers of spicy, but still fresh citrus notes may also be suitable BEWIT Cardamom, or fresh BEWIT Ginger. For those who are more satisfied with the scent of green notes or herbal notes, a soft and airy BEWIT Lemongrass or BEWIT Peppermint. You can also bet on a blend of essential oils BEWIT Po-W-Er blended with ingredients that directly promote energy, drive and upliftment.

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - indulge in aromatherapy

Stay hydrated

Coffee is diuretic and having it in the morning without having a drink of water first is not the best start of the day. So make sure you hydrate your body every morning before you take your first dose of caffeine to replenish the fluids your body has depleted during sleep and needs to refill in the morning. 

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - stay hydrated


Morning is the perfect time to set your mind, so give yourself a quiet moment when your full attention is on you. Seek your inner peace and learn to build a habit that will armor your nervous system. Try to take a few minutes every day and see how your concentration and awareness of your own body will improve. You will be calmer as well. Essential oil helps you to balance BEWIT Balance.

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - meditate

Put the phone down

I'm sure you're very familiar with scrolling through videos and pictures on social media, reading captions and chatting. Why you should not do these activities in the morning? Morning is the perfect time to set your priorities and schedule your day's activities. Social networks and a mass of information won't support you in planning your day. It will only fragment your attention, which you can give to meditation, self-knowledge or health instead. 

Have your breakfast

Breakfast is a must. You must have heard it many times. And it's true! Plenty of people don´t have breakfast because they are not hungry in the morning, but it's definitely important to have at least something small that will naturally kick-start your digestion. It can be a fruit smoothie supplemented with, for example BEWIT Young Barleywhich is an ideal source of natural minerals, vitamins and has the amazing property of binding heavy metals, so your body gets rid of toxins. It also contains a lot of protein, so it will definitely fill you up.

Caffeine free tips to kickstart your morning - have a breakfast

Some people may like to have a variety of porridges in the morning, which can be enriched with dried fruits such as BEWIT Raisins. As a quick breakfast solution can also be BEWIT protein drinks with rich nutritional values.

Morning is a new beginning and a fresh start, and often has an impact on how the rest of the day will look and feel.  It's up to you how you shape your morning and how you set your mind and body for the day. Make your morning in accordance with your biorhythm and your own needs.