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Comprehensive care with essential oils


Incorporate our unique toothpastes into your daily routine. Your teeth will be perfectly cleaned, strengthened and at the same time support the good condition of your gums.


They are beautifully creamy, non-foaming, naturally fluoride-free, and due to the 100% natural composition8, you can be sure that you will not get unnecessary chemicals into your body.


Browse our offer and choose the best toothpaste for you.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How often should I use toothpaste?


For best results, we recommend using our toothpaste during morning and evening brushing, twice a day.


  1. Are BEWIT Toothpastes distinguishable at first glance from conventional ones?


Yes, compared to conventional pastes, they have our toothpastes creamier and lighter texture. At the same time, they are naturally non-foaming.


  1. Can natural toothpastes really whiten teeth?


Yes. Our natural pastes BEWIT Superdent C60 a BEWIT Superdent Black contain ingredients that help remove plaque and whiten teeth.


  1. Which toothpaste is suitable for extremely sensitive teeth?


For the needs of sensitive teeth and gums we have developed a toothpaste BEWIT Superdent Lightto soothe and gently clean them. At the same time, it leaves the mouth with a slightly minty freshness.

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