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Prepare your hair for summer with the help of nature


Summer is coming. It's a beautiful time of the year, but very demanding for hair The hot sun, wind or salty sea water can cause them to dry, weaken, fade or frizz. Harness the magic of essential oils and keep your hair damage-free during the summer.

Even though we spend most of the time outside in the summer, it's helpful to make some time for regular hair treatment. It should be as gentle as possible, in order to not further burden the already tested hair.

We can take care of hair, as well as skin, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Because our body works as a whole. If we neglect body care, it might have impact somewhere else. Or, if we support it with a holistic approach, you might feel healthy, strong and beautiful.

Prepare your hair for summer with the help of nature

3 simple principles in summer hair care with nature and essential oils

1. Strengthening and hydration

Provide your hair with elasticity and shine, strength and energy. And start before summer. You will create a solid foundation in advance, which won't be disrupted. During the summer months, pay extra attention to moisturising your scalp and the hair itself, as it gets drier during this period.

Apple cider vinegar rinses

Hydration is promoted by rinsing with apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar rinses

For overall conditioning, BEWIT Hair essential oil blend is perfect. The power of cedar, the soothing action of gurium balm, chamomile and lavender, the energy of thyme, rosemary and mint or the gentle embrace of rose and other essential oils combine to create a harmonious composition for your beautiful hair and for the pleasure of your soul.

BEWIT Hair Essential Oil Blend

You can use the mixture in a diffuser to create a pleasant atmosphere during your nurturing rituals, as an ingredient in moisturising oil wrap or to care for the ends of your hair.

Prepare your hair for summer with the help of nature

How to do the wrap? Just add a drop of the mixture to about 30 ml of carrier oil ( argan or jojoba is great), massage into washed damp hair and scalp, wrap in foil and leave on. Then rinse the hair thoroughly again. 

Prepare your hair for summer with the help of nature

2. Protection and gentleness

Hair benefits from gentle washing and gentle protection from adverse influences. For washing, use a natural shampoo - classic or solid. You can then scent your bathroom environment with thesensual aroma of ylang-ylang essential oil.

Moreover, it has been used in the Philippines since ancient times to protect hair from the effects of seawater and has other beneficial properties for our mane.

The sensual scent of ylang-ylang essential oil

3. Inner nourishment

If we want to approach things holistically, we must not forget about inner nourishment. A sufficient drinking regime and a balanced diet will perfectly complement BEWIT Prawtein HAIR.


The blend of organic fermented unroasted cocoa beans, essential oils and important nutrients is complemented in this case by a range of herbs and superfoodsthat contribute to growing thick and beautiful hair.

In Prawtein HAIR we find for example aloe vera, spirulina, hibiscus or nettle. Just take a small spoonful of this goodness three times a day. Not only it´s good for you but it also taste great.


And there is something more 

Are you interested in natural hair care? You can be creative.

Other essential oils, such as tea tree, thyme, rosemary, mint, lemongrass or lavender, are also suitable for oil wraps or masks . Flower waters provide refreshment - for example, nettle, rose or chamomile is good for hair. Our grandmothers also used herbal decoctions, such as birch or burdock.

To boost the effect of all these great natural helpers, try protecting your hair in other ways too. Stay in the shade during the biggest heats and don't be shy to grab an umbrella. Wash your hair and get rid of any salt or chlorine residue after swimming in the sea or pool. Avoid blow-drying, hair dying and radical changes.