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Thematic sets

Thematic sets - packages of the most useful for individual periods of the year. 

Are you getting started with aromatherapy, but don't have time to spend hours studying essential oils?

Do you need to supplement the necessary nutrients, but are wondering which food supplement is right for you?

We have prepared BEWIT Themed Sets for you. A package of the most useful things for each season of the year.

We invited our experienced professional teamto help, based on the needs of our customers.

Make your choice easier, deal with the specific problems of the given period and save time and money.

Your body and mind they will also be prepared for more demanding periods. Treat yourself to support at many levels.

Take care of your health in a natural way and enjoy it all year round with our BEWIT Themed Sets.


  • We are a Czech company with our own top laboratory.
  • We offer a unique, almost unrivaled selection of 100% pure and natural single-species essential oils of the highest quality. We strive for the maximum possible control over the entire process, from collection, through cultivation, production and laboratory testing.
  • We produce unique blends of essential oilsthat you won't find anywhere else on the market.
  • We also offer Prawteins - dietary supplements full of great superfoods, made according to our recipe. All contain 100% natural ingredients bio raw fermented unroasted cocoa beans, considered one of the greatest food antioxidants, maximally beneficial to the body. First-class quality, certified by us, is strictly observed for all our products.

Our mission is to convey to you the wonderful gifts of nature, natural medicine, andwe are grateful for that.

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