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How to use scents to defend yourself against mosquito and tick attacks


Summer is here, bringing with it the less pleasant company of insects. Mosquitoes and ticks thrive in the warm season. But our days don´t need to be spoiled by them. Aromatherapy has a number of tricks up its sleeves. 

The protection against insects is one of the reasons why plants contain so many active substances. And the great thing is that plants share their weapons with people too. Let's use them with gratitude so that we can get through the summer without the pesky insect.

Essential oils that deter insects

Several well-known oils serve well as repellent, i.e. to repel insects. It's up to you which one you choose. Choose a scent you find most pleasant or one that effectively repels the insects you want to avoid. 

Lemongrass. The light, fresh, citrus scent has a high content of geraniol and citral, which are very disliked by mosquitoes and other flying insects. On the contrary, it provides a boost when we need to escape from everyday worries. For example, when sitting outside with friends, free from the annoying buzzing symphony. 

Citronela. This sweeter and slightly warmer relative of lemongrass won't let flies, mosquitoes or ticks near you. It also drives away moths and cockroaches, which can come in handy on exotic holidays. 

BEWIT Citronella - How to use scents to defend yourself against mosquito and tick attacks

Litsea cubeba. The fresh essential oil is known to promote concentration, which is why it is popular among drivers and students. But It has another useful characteristic, which is insect repelling and killing skill. It goes well with citronella. They make a great team when fighting insect, especially ticks. 

Well-known fighters with hexapod pest are also thyme, oregano a rosemary (mosquitoes, ticks and flies don't like them), sage (even works on bedbugs), mint (among others it works great on spiders, moths and ants) and of course the versatile Lavender.

BEWIT Niaouli - How to use scents to defend yourself against mosquito and tick attacks

Sometimes a little neglected, but no less effective enemy of mosquitoes and ticks is niaoulia milder version of the famous tea tree. It´s also effective, but some may be bothered by its intense medicinal tones. Then you better reach for the niaouli. It has a nicer, sweeter scent and is suitable for sensitive individuals and children.

Or try a thoughtfully blended mix. BEWIT Insect stop builds a impenetrable barrier against ticks, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other unpleasant visitors from the insect realm. It contains some of the mentioned oils, such as citronella, lemongrass, mint or tea tree. The blend smells pleasant and ensures a peaceful summer days and evenings without annoying insect company.

BEWIT Insect Stop - How to use scents to defend yourself against mosquito and tick attacks

And what if you neglected prevention and a mosquito has already taken a swipe at you? A soothing effect may be provided by niaouli or lavender. It soothes mosquito, ants and other insects bites but also nettle stings. Both definitely belong in the basic summer gear.

How to apply essential oils against insects

You've chosen your oil or blend, and now all that's left to do is decide how to use it. There are many options. 

The easiest way is to drip the oil on porous plates or paper towel and place it in doors and windows. Or if you bothered by ants, place it over their paths.

A little more attention, but also fun, is required to make your own mixture for the atomizer. Mix your chosen essential oil with at least 40% alcohol or floral water, such as peppermint. Shake the bottle well before each use. But be careful, such a product belongs only in the air, on clothes or on curtains, not on the skin. Because the essences in it are not diluted in carrier oil, they could irritate the skin. 

If you plan to apply repellent on your skin , always dilute the essential oil in plant oil. For example, in neem, almond or olive oil. You can also use such a composition for a roll-on. It's a convenient packaging for your handbag that allows you to apply it easily to your wrists, temples, or cuts as needed. Put 10 ml of carrier oil with 3 drops of essence or blend into the roll-on.

Repellent - How to use scents to defend yourself against mosquito and tick attacks

A great option is diffuser. It not only protects you from insects when you are on the terrace in the evening, but also creates a very pleasant relaxing atmosphere thanks to LED lighting. If you're sitting far from an outlet, rely on the rechargeable portable diffuser. You can also use it for summer car trips.

Do you want to combine the beautiful with the useful? Adorn yourself with aromatherapy jewelry. Sprinkle a porous pendant, perhaps made of lava stone, with your choice of essential oil or blend and spend the summer feeling confident and protected from insect attacks.