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Eucalyptus: a practical guide for home aromatherapy


Eucalyptus essential oils form the basis of every aromatherapy pharmacy. It will appeal to you with its penetrating scent, intense power and also beneficial effects. What should you keep in mind when using them? Which varieties are suitable for children, how carefully to dilute them and why do some smell like citrus? Read this article, file it away and don't take any unnecessary risks - caution really is the first priority when it comes to eucalyptus.

Blessed blessed one, at your service...

If you lived inAustralia or Tasmania, we wouldn't need to give you a long introduction to eucalyptus trees - you might well be relaxing under one right now. But since we are in the land of spruces and pines, we will get a little closer to these beautiful trees. So what makes them stand out? Eucalypts, also known as blah trees, are evergreen aromatic shrubs and trees that can grow up to 100 metres tall. Since time immemorial, they have been valued for their distinctive and strong scent, but also stimulating, cooling and blood pumping effects. Even florists are not disappointed by the aesthetics and diversity of the leaves, which have literally become a modern trend, not only in the production of wedding bouquets.

Eucalyptus essential oils

Did you know that there are more than 700 species of eucalyptus in the world and essential oil can be extracted from 500 of them? We have 6 of them in our BEWIT offer, so - even though we are the record holders in the Czech Republic - there is still a lot of catching up to do. 

Cuck cuck where is the eucalyptus?

You can reach for the essential oil of St. John's Wort when you need agood breath and a boost. Do you feel like something is getting to you? Are there a lot of sick people in your area? Does your nose tickle, your throat scratch and you want to strengthen your resistance? The fresh, camphoraceous and intense aroma of angelica will invigorate you, clear mucus and help relieve unpleasant sneezing, wheezing or coughing. 

Eucalyptus essential oil brings optimism, openness and freedom

Aromatherapy literature and practice shows that eucalyptus essential oils have a number of positive psychological effects. They improve mood, inspire a positive outlook and promote vitality. They are living water for all those who want to better manage inner conflicts, start seeing things clearly, boost concentration and stir up energy. 

TIP: Do you feel like you're trapped in the cage of your nicotine habit? Prepare an inhalation stick and increase your resistance during withdrawal. Just a few drops of eucalyptus globulus and next time you feel the urge to say: "No. I won't have any more."

Less is sometimes more, and this is doubly true for the oils from the angelica plant

Aromatherapy is a science, and we don't mean that in any hyperbolic way. With strong eucalyptus essential oils it is therefore particularly important to be mindful, aware and above all cautious. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of essential oils, always read the contraindications carefully before using eucalyptus essential oils, observe the dilution, and monitor how your body reacts during application.

Eucalyptus essential oils

Strong and stronger or which eucalyptus to watch out for

Quality plays a major role in essential oils. In order to be 100% sure of the quality of the essential oil, we test each sample carefully. Thanks to our own state-of-the-art BEWIT laboratory, we can vouch for every drop of essential oil. In the case of eucalyptus essential oils, we therefore know exactly which are thestrongest and how to dilute them when using them.

Wondering which type of eucalyptus oil would win our little competition for the biggest strongman ? The largest representation of oxide 1,8-cineole (so-called. Eucalyptol) has Eucalyptus radiata. The imaginary second place would be occupied by Eucalyptus camaldulensis, third eucalyptus blue and fourth Eucalyptus globulus.

Aromatherapy manuals talk about Eucalyptol as a substance that, in addition to bladderworts, tea tree, sage and rosemary contain. The oils from these herbs impart a characteristic eucalyptus aroma and beneficial effects that promote expectoration, thinning of mucus and also support physiological processes responding to damage or attack by negative influences.

There is no eucalyptus like eucalyptus

If you like to welcome aromatic notes other than the classic eucalyptus notesin sweet potato essential oils , choose varieties blue a camaldulensis. The first one will pleasantly surprise you with its purity and freshness, the second one with its pleasant herbal touch. 

The least eucalyptus and camphor varieties are staigeriana a citriodora. If you were to examine them in a lab, you would find a high representation of ingredients called D-limonene a Citronellal - which your nose would probably evaluate as fresh and citrusy. We dare say that without reading the label, you might not even classify these essential oils as eucalyptus. 

TIP: You will also find eucalyptus essential oil in many of our blends. The most popular of these include BEWIT Breath to improve deep breathing, BEWIT Confidence for boosting self-confidence or BEWIT Lym against stagnation and the build-up of pollutants.

5 things you should take away about eucalyptus essential oils

Before we advise you which eucalyptus essential oil to choose, we would like to remind you of the most important information:

1. Although it doesn't look like it at first sniff, every drop of eucalyptus essential oil contains the immense power of these sturdy trees. Each time you discover it, think about it - drip slowly and judiciously, and dilute these essential oils with vegetable oil in the appropriate ratio as directed on the website or label when in contact with the skin .

2. All eucalyptus essential oils are generally cooling, energizing, invigorating and strengthening in nature. Rather than their effects, the different types differ in scent and intensity.

3. Be most cautious with children. Choose only those types of eucalyptus essential oils that are suitable for them (see next paragraph) and apply the appropriate amount to safe areas. You can test the tolerance first on the palms or soles of your feet. 

4. Have respect for the power of eucalyptus and always use it fully consciously, because here more than anywhere else - the less the better.

5. Quality determines effects. If you want to get the most therapeutic benefit from these wonderful natural essential oils, choose only 100% pure, undiluted and natural ones. Use your intuition and look for information. A personal recommendation from someone you fully trust in the matter of home or professional aromatherapy can also serve you well.

Which eucalyptus to choose? Make it clear

Do you have any major health limitations? In that case, you can choose any of the eucalyptus oils. A good guide will be your own nose and your current frame of mind. Feel free to follow the simple aromatherapy rule "what smells good to me is good for me".

Try the samples: Are you far from Ostrava, but would you still like to try the different types of eucalyptus essential oils for yourself?  Take a look at our samples in the e-shop, where you will find 12 drops of essential oils for olfactory sensation.

Keep two delicately camphorated, lemon-scented varieties (staigeriana and citriodora) on hand when you want to promote not only deep breathing but also overall mental well-being, falling asleep quickly or a sense of well-being when thinking and moving.

If you are an expectant mum and happily breastfeeding, go for the gentle eucalyptus radiata or the slightly herbal camaldulensis. The same pair is also suitable for all children. If they are under the age of 10, skip the neck and face areas for aromatherapy compresses or massages. 

Eucalyptus essential oils

Inhalation and massage as the best ways to use eucalyptus essential oils

The essential oils from the angelica plant should be inhaled or used in the form of massages or compresses. You will get quick relief by inhaling Eucalyptus using a diffuser or inhalation stick - drip 3-5 drops at most everywhere.

For aromatherapy compresses mix 3-5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil with 30 ml of carrier oil and rub this mixture on the chest or thoracic spine. Then apply a damp and impermeable layer to the area and leave on. You can use the same mixture for a full body or foot massage.

All eucalyptus essential oils are also great insect repellents. If you want to make your own fragrant and effective natural repellent and go out into the wild without fear, mix 1 drop of the essential oil of St. John's Wort (ideally the globulus species) with 10 ml of nimbus oil and pour into a glass roll-ons. If you prefer a more natural repellent spray, use 3 drops of essential oil per 50 ml of at least 40% alcohol.