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Healthy doing nothing: indulge yourself in spring


Do you feel like you're always in a hurry? Jumping from one job to the next - with no end in sight? Try to stop for a little while and feel "I don't need anything right now". In today's article you will learn a little about yourself: it develops the theme of sweet doing nothing. How to train it, how does it benefit our health and why are we so reluctant to do it? Make yourself comfortable in your body, open your mind wide and read. There is also a nice reward at the end.

Try to just relax and see what is going on inside you right now.

Leave the habit of always doing something

All our adult lives we have been rushing around, occupying ourselves with something and forcing ourselves to work. We think that if we keep doing something, we will feel satisfaction. We appreciate ourselves for the tasks we complete, and we admire those who get a lot done. Being "busy" is a given and doing nothing is a failure. But how does this social norm affect our health - especially now in spring, when fatigue makes itself so apparent? In order to get the true answer, we just need to close our eyes and ask ourselves a few simple questions: "How do I really feel right now? What is my body telling me?" 

Stop, take a deep breath and... hurry slowly

For those of you who have been noticing the symptoms of overload, stress and rush for some time, we have a beautiful mindfulness exercise. Buddhist monk and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh recommends to schedule a so-called lazy day, when you have no planned activities, everything just flows naturally, in timelessness and without any expectations .

A lazy day is not about doing only what you enjoy. Or when you do nothing at all. It is a day that passes without resistance, pressure or forcing yourself into anything - and when you have the opportunity to re-establish balance within yourself through deep awareness and compassionate mindfulness, perhaps through meditation or mindful walking.

There are different ways to meditate - for example, by doing nothing...

The practice of doing nothing is a great tool forimproving mood, resilience and mental fitness, according to many mental health experts . It helps in overcoming stress, tension and anxiety and prepares the space for deeper awareness. 

When sweet doing nothing tastes bitter...

The first time you practice this exercise, you may be surprised at how difficult such doing nothing can be. Your mind will quickly become bored and force you into some physical activity. All sorts of defence mechanisms can come into play - unpleasant frustration or fear of being in the here and now. If you experience such strong emotions, don't be alarmed. Try to observe them curiously while not evaluating them: just observe them compassionately. Can you acknowledge your fear, experience it and fully accept it? 

Say "yes" to whatever comes up on the surface of consciousness

According to Czech psychologist and psychotherapist Jan Benda, developing mindfulness and a compassionate attitude towards oneself is a fundamental step towards healing and personal transformation. In his latest book, "Mindfulness and the Self", he presents 21 simple exercises for lay and professional audiences alike that will find application not only in psychotherapy but also in personal development. You can also use part of one exercise during your "lazy" day.

The training begins with closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and deciding to accept your feelings - and feel them again physically. Let us now delve together into this short meditation by the author. 

„(...) Nod your head as if in agreement. Then slowly say to yourself in your mind "yes..., yes..., yes...". You can imagine a kind and compassionate person gently putting a hand on your back. And give your feelings free rein. Notice what is happening in your body when you say "yes" to all your feelings. What's going on with your discomfort? Are they intensifying or dissolving? What happens to your heart when you say "yes"? Is there anything you'd like to say? Something you couldn't say as a child, but now you can? If so, say it out loud. And if tears come to your eyes, don't hesitate to let them come. Just imagine that kind and compassionate person is still with you. Then sit still for a while and gradually let go of all thoughts, memories and ideas. Sleep for a while in the present and keep only that accepting attitude towards your feelings. How do you feel now?"

Imagine that you are not alone in your emotions, but have a kind and compassionate protector by your side.

Doing nothing is sometimes the hardest thing 

Be kind to yourself as you practice this mindfulness exercise. Notice every progress and appreciate even small victories. The longer you keep yourself in the state of not needing anything, the more peace, calm, understanding and compassion will grow within you as the best basis for any action. Remember, you are doing a great deal for your health by doing nothing. And if you manage to experience even just a lazy five minutes, even that is a great achievement. 

Complement your inner work by nurturing your outer beauty.

Inner work is sometimes a chore and needs to be rewarded

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To conclude: in the article I quote the books "Happiness" by Thich Nhat Hanh and "Mindfulness and Me" by Jan Benda. I would like to thank them very much for their inspiration and valuable advice and I invite you to read them. Definitely worth it.