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Eat healthy, even if you don't have much time. The BEWIT Protein drinks will become your ace up your sleeve


A balanced diet with sufficient amounts of essential nutrients is a proven recipe for a slim line, health and vitality. Since every minute is precious to you, prepare nutritious and tasty meals. You need something that contains all the necessary ingredients and is ready in two minutes. For example, the BEWIT Protein drink

In the world of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, proteins are inflected from left to right. No wonder. Protein is the basic building block of our body. It serves to build tissues and promote proper metabolism. Thus, they contribute, for example, to muscle regeneration and growth, but they are also successfully used in weight reduction.

The problem is that modern man is generally rather lacking in protein in his diet. In case you are not fond of animal products, your space is even more limited. You have to combine plant sources of protein in a suitable way to get all the important ones into your body. It is thus suitable to have something in the form of a ready-made accessory.

For whom are protein drinks suitable

So a plant protein drink is a big help for vegetarians and vegansbecause it will probably be formulated to contain all the necessary proteins.

Protein drinks are also popular withstrength and endurance athletes. Some build muscle with them, others promote regeneration. And it doesn't matter if you play sports recreationally, professionally, or are just starting out.

They will also be appreciated by people who have decided todeal with extra pounds. They will stimulate fat burning, satiate for a long time, and because they nourish the body, they will also tame cravings for snacks in the evenings.

But theBEWIT Protein drinks are generally great for anyone, who wants to take care of their body and just doesn't have that much time. They are usually enriched with fibre and other essential substances, vitamins and minerals. Thus, they will easily supplement your daily dose of nutrients.

BEWIT Protein drink

Why the BEWIT Protein drinks

The Protein drinks from BEWIT are an example of this. We have used only vegan, organic and 100% natural ingredients and have fine-tuned them perfectly nutritionally and taste-wise .

They are high in vegetable protein, fibre and nutrients. They are full of antioxidants, so they arm you to fight free radicals. They include the vital mushroom reishi, which will boost your immune system and help maintain the right cholesterol levels. Thanks to their composition, our drinks will also fill you up, give you energy and strength, while beinglight so as not to burden your digestion .

We created nine great flavoursso you can choose, whether you prefer fruity or cocoa notes. All of them are sweetened with either stevia or cane juice.

And importantly, you basically need nothing more than a shakerand water or plant milk.

TIP: The BEWIT Protein drinks serve as a great breakfast, when you're in a hurry to get to work in the morning and don't want to head out on an empty stomach. But you can also enjoy them at any other time of the day. For example, when you're replenishing your energy before or after sports, just want to have a light dinner or are a little hungry for a quick snack at work.

Just add the amount of powder to water or vegetable milk according to the instructions and you will get either a delicious smoothie or a tasty porridge. But you can do alot more magic with them and tweak your snacks to perfection. For starters, try this quick and easy recipe for using the BEWIT Protein drinks.

BEWIT Protein drink

Quick fruit smoothie with the BEWIT Protein drink, carob

You will need:

Method of preparation:

Slice the pears.

BEWIT Protein drink

Put them in a blender, pour the vegetable milk and add a serving of the protein drink.

BEWIT Protein drink

Blend everything until the ingredients are combined and..... Done! You can enjoy a nutritious cocktail.

BEWIT Protein drink