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Citronella | Anti-insect and stimulates your senses.


Do you want to protect yourself from intruding insects, clean your home and treat your skin problems in natural way? Bet on Citronella, it will come in handy in many ways and its sharp citrus scent will make you feel fresh, clean and full of energy. 

The aroma of citronella

The aroma of citronella is fresh and sharp citrusy, yet spicy, warm and cozy. Citronella is distinctive and its aroma can be compared to Lemon balm. For its typical strong and penetrating aroma, it is added to men's perfumes. It brings stimulating effects and feeling of freshness. 

The aroma of citronella

Origin of citronella

The plant is native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia. The essence that is extracted from citronella is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and stems of the plant. This produces an essential oil in a concentrated form with all the concentrated benefits of the plant. Such an essential oil can be called the "blood" of the plant. It carries the most precious substances from nature. Such an essential oil has many benefits in many ways.  

Citronella as a repellent 

Essential oil from citronella has a repellent effect on flying insects. Unlike conventional repellents, it works in a way that masks attractive odors for insects. Unlike conventional repellents, citronella has the advantage of its natural origin and is safe for both the environment and animals. In diluted form, we can apply citronella on the skin and confuse mosquitoes and ticks with its scent. Few drops of cloves or cedar wood will increase its repellent effect. In the next paragraph you will find out how to make such a repellent at home. 

Citronella as a repellent

How to make homemade repellent from citronella? 

The preparation of the repellent is very simple and will only take you a few minutes. The citronella repellent smells great and is purely natural. In warm months, you will appreciate it on walks in the woods, but also in the evenings on summer holidays.

You will need:

1x Glass spray bottle
50 ml of
BEWIT Jojoba oil (Jojoba oil is very gentle, contains vitamin E and is non-comedogenic, so it is suitable for those with problematic skin prone to clogged pores.)
15 drops of
BEWIT Citronella
10 drops of
BEWIT Himalayan Cedar or 10 drops of BEWIT Clove

1. To glass spray bottle pour jojoba oil, which is suitable for sensitive skin, it does not clog pores, it is non-comedogenic and beautifully moisturizes and nourishes skin cells.  
2. To
jojoba oil drizzle 15 drops of essential oil BEWIT Citronella.
3. Add 10 drops of
BEWIT Clove or BEWIT Himalayan Cedar. Choose whichever scent you prefer. 
4. Screw the bottle and shake gently. With the natural repellent you can spray your hands, feet and the parts of your body that are at risk of insect bites. The repellent bottle is small and fits in a small handbag, so you will have the repellent on hand anytime you need. 

How to make homemade repellent from citronella?

Citronella for problematic skin? 

The answer is yes. Citronella has antimicrobial effects and helps to remove bacteria causing various skin problems. It also harmonizes the skin, reduces sebum production in oily skin and increases skin cell permeability. Citronella is a frequently used ingredient in cosmetics for its properties, in which it creates a pleasant and natural scent. If you want 100% natural care, without substances contained in cosmetic products, rely on BEWIT Citronella essential oil . You can dilute it with a carrier oil and include it in your regular routine for problematic or oily skin. You will see that it will help you fight pimples. At the same time, you should know that skin is a cleansing organ, and pimples often indicate an imbalance in the body. Therefore, it is very important that the care of your body should include the care of the inside of your body as well. Good eating habits, regular intake of clean water, quality sleep, exercise, calm mind and healthy environment are essential for feeling good and for your body to reflect inner balance on the outside. With this comprehensive approach, citronella will help you much more effectively.

Citronella for problematic skin

Citronella as an effective household helper 

Bet on BEWIT Citronella even at home. Citronella essential oil cleans surfaces and gets rid of odours. This makes it perfect for everyday maintenance in the kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to the fresh and crisp citrus scent of citronella, you will instantly create a clean and cosy home. For surfaces, dilute citronella with water. Essential oils are strong concentrates and can leave stains on leather furniture or wood. You can also drip citronella into the vacuum cleaner bag or onto a dry duster. You will scent your home with distinctly citrusy notes and get rid of dirt.  

Treat yourself to aromatherapy with Citronella 

Treat yourself to aromatherapy with Citronella 

If you don't feel like cleaning and you know you need a boost, bet on a diffuser. Whether you chooseultrasonic, mechanical diffuser or anhydrous diffuser, you will create a pleasant environment in your home and stimulate your senses. If you can´t decide which diffuser to choose and want to learn more, read our detailed article. The essential oil molecules, when dispersed in the air, reach the brain through the respiratory system. Essential oils have a positive effect on our mood and decision-making. With the help of the diffuser, Citronella will boost you up, and no mosquito will dare to come to your home. 

Whether citronella appeals to you with its specific scent or its strong effects on repelling flying insects, it comes in handy in every situation. Citronella has a wide range of uses both at home for cleaning, and outdoors where it protects you from insects. Citronella essential oil can also be used in body care and to fight skin imperfections.