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Konjac sponges | How to cleanse your skin naturally


Konjac sponges are anatural miracle for your skin. With these small but powerful sponges you can achieve clear, healthy, radiant and youthful skin without having to reach for aggressive chemical products. Visiting a beauty salon becomes a pleasure, not a necessity.  

In this article, you'll learn how konjac cleansing sponges work, which one is right for you, and why they're a great choice for your daily skin care routine.

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Who are konjac sponges suitable for?

The answer is simple - for the whole family. It perfectly supports the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the skin of the whole body.

It copes with problematic skin, blackheads, sagging, dull, rough and even the most sensitive skin. Also great for gentle home exfoliation.

They are the perfect choice for women of all ages, for cleansing skin for men and the little ones.

BEWIT Konjac sponges

Why choose BEWIT Cognac sponges

✅ Genuine Korean konjac sponges from Jeju Island

✅0 % synthetic

✅ High quality at a reasonable price

✅ Dyed with only natural ingredients

✅ High quality porous structure

✅ Biodegradable

✅ Handmade

✅ Wide range - 20 types in total

You can be sure that by using konjac sponges you have chosen a great solution not only for your skin, but also for nature.

BEWIT Konjac sponges

Why choose BEWIT Cognac sponges

The offer is wide and it may not be easy to find your way around. Our infographic will help you choose the right one.

What kind does your skin need?

BEWIT Konjac sponges

How to use a cognac sponge

We are getting to the most important thing - how to properly use the konjac sponge.

1. Before use, soak the sponge in clean water and wash gently. It is important that the sponge is completely soft.

2. Apply a cosmetic skin cleanser to the sponge - e.g. BEWIT Cleanser, Gently massage your face or body skin in circular motions. Always in the direction from bottom to top.

BEWIT Konjac sponges

3. Gently massage your face or body skin in circular motions.

BEWIT Konjac sponges

4. Hang the sponge in a well-ventilated place to air dry properly.

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Use the cognac sponge daily. Your skin will thank you.

BEWIT Konjac sponges


Cognac sponges are a great tool for natural skin cleansing, which should not be missing in any household. They are a nice little gift for any woman.

BEWIT konjac sponges are high quality, biodegradable, 100% natural, perfectly cleanses the skin without any chemicals. We are not afraid to rank them among the best skin cleansers. Add them to your daily ritual and experience the difference for yourself.

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