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Essential News - The best of Canada


Spruce oils - turn your home into a regenerative oasis of freshness

Discover the extraordinary therapeutic properties of spruce oils. You together with yours strengthening the effects will perfectly prepare you for weather fluctuations and stress. At the same time cleans your airways and restores lightness and joy of movement to your body.

BEWIT Spruce oils

We offer several types of spruce oils. While the scent of the gray spruce( Picea glauca) is lighter and fresher, the aroma of the black spruce Picea mariana attracts attention spicy tones. Scent the bark and woodof the black spruce is more woody than the pine needles.

Pine oils - renew your energy reserves in the fresh scent of a pine forest

Clear the space and encourage free breathing in the wonderful aroma of pine oils. They turn even an ordinary bath into a haven for restoration of strength from exhaustion. They are also perfect gently warming massages.

Incorporate them into your regular rituals. Your body will thank you.

BEWIT Pine oils

We offer several types of spruce oils. While the fragrance pitch pine (Pinus resinosa) is distinctly earthy to spicy, the scent of pine (Pinus strobus) is fresh and gentle. Banks pine (Pinus banksiana) has sweet resinous notes.

Fir oils - versatile gifts of nature

Treat yourself to kind care complemented by the extraordinary effects of fir oils. Their fresh scent it deepens the breath and expels the spleen, when it is dry outside the window. Treat yourself to a soft one awarming massage or a relaxing bath after a hard day and gain strength for further challenges.

We offer two types of fir oils. Essential oil scent from the bark of the balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is resinous and woody. Essential oil from the needles of balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is fresher, sweeter.

BEWIT Fir oils

More Canadian gems

Among the Canadian novelties, the quite unconventional and yet very beneficialORGANIC essential oils from poplar and hopswill surely interest you. The required dose expect relaxation and comfortfromORGANIC essential oil from the Canadian goldenrod.

Thorough regeneration will be enhanced by ORGANIC essential oils from the bog- myrtle and bog labrador tea (rhododendron).

BEWIT Canadian gems

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Canadian essential oils used?

Follow aromatherapy principles when using essential oils.

What is the difference between spruce and pine essential oils?

Spruce essential oils have stronger cleansing effects. Pine trees are more suitable for relaxation and energy support.

She prefers to clean her head in the woods, in the mountains, on a bicycle and sometimes even in the saddle of a horse.