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5 tips on how to stay slim and fit


A slim and firm figure not only affects our physical appearance, but also the impression we make on the people around us. It is also very closely related to our fitness, overall health and psychological well-being.

Whether due to the holidays, many stressful or otherwise challenging times, you may gain a little weight. Do not panic and do not despair. Everything will return to normal.

Although the easiest way seems to be to go on some fancy drastic diet. You will achieve long-term sustainable results with a quality and balanced diet and, most importantly, conscious care that becomes your daily routine.

So, if you want your dream figure, here are five proven tips on how to achieve it.

And what could support you more than products from pure nature?

Purification of body and mind

The first step on the way to your dream figure is a thorough cleansing, not only of the body, but also of the mind.

Mix 2 drops of BEWIT Wloss essential oil with 60 ml of carrier oil and massage your problem areas thoroughly. Thanks to the high proportion of draining and gently warming substances, you will promote cleansing and fat burning directly in the problem areas.

The pleasantly refreshing scent of BEWIT Fresh will help you rise above the worries of the day and clear your congested mind. Drip 3-5 drops of this essential blend into your diffuser.

Adequate intake of pure water or unsweetened teas is needed to support deep cleansing and reduction. Avoid sugary sugars, sodas and sweets completely.

Strong will and self-confidence

Whatever challenge or change you are about to embark on, it won't work without a strong will and confidence in yourself.

Keep an inhalation stick with 3-5 drops of BEWIT Winner essential blend with you at all times during weight loss to overcome even binge eating.

A regular bath, enriched with 3-5 drops of BEWIT Confidence, essential blend, will boost your confidence.

And to strengthen the will, BEWIT Himalayan Cedar Essential Oil is the best support. Mix one drop of this essential oil with 30 ml of carrier oil and massage the mixture onto the soles of your feet.

You can also prevent binge eating by increasing your intake of complete protein and valuable fibre.

Overcoming sweet cravings

For many, the biggest challenge is overcoming a strong sweet tooth . In these moments, BEWIT PRAWTEIN Wloss , whose naturally bitter taste will be a valuable support for you. You really only need one espresso spoon.

Evaluate your diet if uncontrollable sweet cravings are frequent. Does it incorporate enough protein and quality fats?

Necessary micronutrients

Sometimes a lack of the necessary micronutrients can prevent optimal results. BEWIT PRAWTEIN Green Miracle will replenish your body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Take 1-3 espresso teaspoons three times a day.

Movement and self-love

If you desire a slim and firm figure, incorporate regular exercise into your life. Three brisk walks during the week will also work perfectly.

And last but not least, self-love and a positive attitude. The popular BEWIT Love blend is perfect for making your own personal perfume.

Don't put off your weight loss until later, until the first of the month, until Monday... The time is now. You can also start gradually. Your body deserves it.