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How to have a holistic approach to life


A holistic approach is a comprehensive way of looking at things as a whole. It always addresses the cause, not the effect. It is a view that requires deep self-knowledge and is always tailored to each individual. It’s based on the idea that everything is fine as long as it’s good for us and we feel good. 

Awareness as a basis for self-development

Perhaps the most important step is awareness. We all live a life that’s kind of run-of-the-mill, maybe you’re happy with it and maybe you’re longing to improve it. In life, something can often bother us and we don’t know why, or we simply get used to various difficulties and accept them as part of life. To unravel our life, awareness is the key. The moment we realize that we are in control of our lives and are responsible for them, our inner strength begins to heal.  Nobody can judge us because they don’t think like us or experience our emotions. The same goes for our views, appearance and actions. Awareness is the gateway to self-development, improving our personality and working ourselves into our best self. 

How to have a holistic approach to life

Body care

Our body, our temple… the human body can be seen as a perfect temple built by nature. It is a reflection of our life and an indicator of how we are doing in it. The body needs to be cared for and maintained, it is important to honor and respect it and to look after it as our own temple. Let’s give our body everything it needs to thrive and serve us well. 

To be healthy, the body needs quality sleep. This means sleep that is deep and undisturbed by environmental influences such as street lights or noise. We should have a clear head and go to bed with peace of mind and no worries. The BEWIT CONFIDENCE essential oil blend can help us relax. Let’s give our body plenty of varied food without the addition of artificial colors and preservatives or thickeners. Pay attention to the quality of your food and look for RAW and BIO labels. You can replace the white sugar with dried cane juice and try organic coconut milk powder instead of animal milk. You can support the overall vitality and resilience of your body with quality dietary supplements such as BEWIT PRAWTEIN PO-W-ER with a high effect on the body’s energy.

In order to be beautiful, the body needs care and a loving approach. Getting enough exercise, which we will enjoy, is a good way to firm up and get the body moving. The hormone endorphin is released during exercise and is responsible for our sense of well-being. Our body repays us with a good mood and a smile, and that suits us too. Let’s invest time in our daily routine and take care of our skin and body with natural cosmeticsthat do not overload and support natural regeneration processes

Mental and emotional stability

A holistic approach requires a lot of introspection and understanding why certain things happen to us. If we feel that something is wrong in our lives, we need to gain perspective and understand the cause. We have so many thoughts running through our heads every day, and they can be positive or negative. We decide what thoughts we give space to in our head. Sorting thoughts is a skill that can be learned and takes time and practice. Staying in nature, in peace and quiet, meditation or aromatherapy with essential oils that positively affect the emotional centers in the brain can help us make positive decisions. Thoughts are linked to emotions and how we feel. If we give space to a negative thought, it will evoke a negative emotion. So let’s learn to see things with perspective and not worry about anything more than we need to. In the end, we always want the most important thing and that is to feel good. 

Spiritual fulfillment

Once we’ve managed to take beautiful care of our body and can sort our thoughts, another factor comes in and that is our soul. Our personality is its expression. Who we are, and why we are each unique, what we enjoy or what and who we love. To be happy and feel fulfilled in life, we should hang out with people we feel comfortable with, seek out activities that we enjoy and make us happy, make plenty of space for fun, and have a positive attitude towards life.

A systematic summary of the holistic approach:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Divide your goal into individual points.
  3. Fulfil them.
  4. Trust in the process and don’t get distracted by doubt, focus only on the outcome and the goal.
  5. Enjoy the journey, knowing that the journey itself is the destination.

How to have a holistic approach to life