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How to naturally detox


What is a detox?

When you say detox, many people think of starvation and drinking all sorts of juices in the shade of green brunch. The truth is, it doesn't have to be that way. Detox is a cleansing process that takes place constantly in your body and involves many organs. You can help these processes with herbs, a suitable diet and also dietary supplements, ideally in raw and organic quality, in which they retain valuable substances. You can indulge in our detox kit BEWIT Detox, which contains products processed in a gentle way. You get vitamins, minerals and valuable substances from superfoods that are natural and easily absorbed by the body.

natural detox supplements

What is a detox good for?

Detox brings relief, freedom and joy of being. Its main goal is to rid the body of all substances and impurities that are a nuisance. Detox helps to cleanse the body and mind. An organism clogged with toxins needs to kick-start, regain energy and regain its vigour.

Many detox treatments are done in the spring, but your body will thank you for it at any time of the year. Courses can be, for example, one-day, three-day, but also long-term. Some may see detox as a lifestyle change, others as a kick-start to the body. When cleansing, you focus on cleansing your detox organs and digestion, but also your mind and your environment. Your attention should also be directed to clearing your thoughts and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Detox of body, mind and soul

Internal detox

To detoxify your body, it is advisable to follow a light diet to ease your digestion. The intestines are our "second brain" and are responsible for absorbing nutrients from food. They are also responsible for the production of hormones. So your mood and how you feel, as well as how much energy you have, are also related. A state of intestinal balance is conducive to proper metabolism, but also to getting rid of unwanted substances and this is best achieved when the intestine is clean and at full strength. The liver is also a cleansing organ of the body, responsible for filtering the blood of harmful substances. Therefore, your body will be grateful if you also give it a liver cleanse from time to time. Prawtein DX and Prawtein Coldet can help with the cleaning process. They are suitable helpers for detox and you can also find them in our kit BEWIT Detox.

100% natural BEWIT Detox Kit

Working with thoughts

If you have decided to detox your body, keep in mind that the body, soul and mind are connected. For the body cleansing to work properly, you should also have a clear head and a happy soul. The body, mind and soul need a mutual balance and one cannot be pushed anywhere. In a healthy body there is a healthy spirit and they support each other. To achieve a clear head, work with thoughts, decide what thought you let into your head. Only let the pleasant ones in, enjoy the moments in the moment and don't run into the future or dwell on the past. Treat yourself to silence, in which you will have plenty of space and can settle the continuous flow of thoughts. Nature walks or aromatherapy with essential oils can be very helpful for relaxation and concentration.

Spiritual fulfillment

To feel spiritual fulfillment in life, you need to understand what your soul desires and do it. Each of you are original and have different needs. Everyone wants something different and once you find your essence, you will find your purpose. Don't be afraid to follow what you want inside. Your soul, and thus you yourself, will find true fulfillment. The cleansing of the body will thus be comprehensive and will work best on all levels.