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Festival of Holistic Care | Detox massage


Do you crave hydrated and nourished skin? Do you want to restore balance and protection of the organism and, at the same time, support cleansing processes and self-regeneration?

Try a massage that harnesses the power of our DE-T-OX Elixir and DX essential oil blend, combined with effective strokes that will stimulate your blood flow and invigorate your body. 


DX essential oil blend (3-5 drops)
Rosemary essential water
DE-T-OX Elixir body oil

Length of massage: 30 minutes⁠
Difficulty: for beginners
Use:cleansing of the body and skin, nourishment and support of self-healing processes of the skin and body



Find a quiet place, play some slow relaxing music.
The person being massaged lies down in such a way that he/she feels comfortable.
Cover the person being massaged with a towel, bath towel or blanket for thermal comfort, so they can relax more.

Under the influence of a calm environment, slow and pleasant music, we induce deeper and greater relaxation, and thus better activate healing processes and the ability to regenerate the body.

In a diffuser, put 5 drops of Bewit DX essential oil.


1. Apply Rosemary essential water, which carries active ingredients, to the back of the person being massaged to help hydrate the skin, stimulate microcirculation and promote skin cleansing.

Next, applyDE-T-OX Elixir to the palms of your hands to warm it up and spread it in slow strokes over the entire back and neck area. .

2. Lead the initial strokes around the spine (along the spinal erectors) to the shoulders and back on the outside. Repeat the moves 2-3 times.

3. Place one hand on the closer side of the spine to fix the body. With the palm of your other hand, pull the opposite side away from the spine towards the bed. Fingers are pointing down. Move in this way from the lower back to the head, and then continue to the “waves” in the shoulder area and then along the side of the body to the sacrum.

From here, pull the skin against the spine from the sacrum upwards in alternating flat movements – place your palms on the side of the body and make gliding movements towards the spine. Now move to the other side and repeat.

4. Go behind the head and perform several long downward strokes along the spine and back around the torso. Run your thumbs in parallel and with gentle long strokes along the paths of the bladder, from the cervical spine in 2 lines to the lumbar area.

The inner paths are located midway between the axis of the spine and the edge of the scapula. The outer paths are located along the inner edge of the scapula. Then use the back of your hands to stretch the area of the scapula sideways – from the spine outwards.

5. Return to the starting point and perform the initial strokes along the spinal erectors, to the shoulder area and back on the outside, repeating 2-3 times.