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Essential oils from Canada

Get to know them firsthand and see the power of essential oils from Canada's wild forests and prairies.

Poplar is a complete novelty among wood species, on the contrary, essential oils of pine, spruce and fircomplement the range of those already sold.

You have a great opportunity to compare essential oils from coniferous tree species from different parts of the world, and even discover slight differences in aroma and perhaps even aroma therapeutic action.

You can compare the properties of essential oils from individual parts of the tree - from pine needles, from the bark or wood of a particular tree. You will certainly discover minimal differences in the scents.

We also offer you species that are not so well known in the form of essential oils. They were popular already with the indigenous peoples, and their beneficial effects on the human organism are indisputable.

Learn about the effects of Canadian goldenrod,Greenland hornbeam (better known as wild rhododendron), hops, or equally valuable bog heather.

We are happy that we managed to obtain most of these essential oils in organic quality.

You choose yours. 

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