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How to prepare for the first spring days


Challenge spring fatigue

We all probably know it when the days are getting longer, the freezing temperatures are leaving, the light is getting brighter and you’re feeling tired? Maybe it is just because you didn’t respect the cyclicity of nature. Winter is the time when the body regenerates and gathers strength. We should go to bed earlier, because during sleep a lot of processes take place in which the body adjusts. One of the reasons to sleep more in the winter is also immunity. During sleep, the cells that are responsible for the body’s defences are formed, and we need them especially in winter when we are deprived of vitamins from the sun and fruits. We can go to bed later in the spring because we have more light, and if we really went to bed early in the winter, we shouldn’t have a problem with spring fatigue. But if we know we didn’t get enough sleep over the winter and we feel tired, we still have some tips and tricks to prepare for spring and have plenty of vitality.


The arrival of spring is a good time for detox. Spring cleansing will help your body prepare to receive nutrients and vitamins in the coming months and store them for later. Green foods such as chlorella or young barley are suitable for detox. They can be taken as tablets or as a powder that can be mixed into smoothies or vegetable juices. Green superfoods are rich in minerals with high absorption. According to traditional Chinese medicine, they have a cooling effect on the body, so it is convenient to warm up these superfoods with foods that have the opposite effect, so that the body does not get too cold. These can be pepper, turmeric and ginger, they complement each other’s effects and thus multiply their power.

Preparation for spring – BEWIT RAW ORGANIC young barley

Create a daily routine even in spring

Taking care of your skin is part of taking care of yourself. How we take care of ourselves mirrors our relationship with ourselves. In spring, it’s good to let your skin breathe and focus more on a cleansing routine. During the autumn and winter, the skin needed to be nourished, now comes the time when our skin longs to breathe. With the arrival of spring, the humidity in the air increases and the skin will not face such a risk of dryness. In our daily routine, we pay attention to cleansing, during which we can use natural Cleanser and konjac sponges, which have an exfoliating effect and perfectly rid the skin of all impurities. Use Lavender, Geranium or Rosemary essential water to sooth the skin. For final care, Bright Serum is suitable for daytime and Night Repair for the evening. Apply the serum to damp skin immediately after applying the essential water. Water molecules promote the penetration of valuable serum substances deep into the skin cells.

Preparation for spring – BEWIT Holistic cosmetics

Don’t be afraid of change

With the arrival of spring comes new energy. Spring calls for change and is the best time to break down blockages. In spring, people are eager to start new projects and relationships. Everything that is for change is good and against the barricades. During spring, there is a rush of energy that we should channel properly. It may be the desire to start new plans, the urge to revive an existing relationship, or the need for a life change. In any case, it’s good to take the time to consider all the options and evaluate what we really want and what is good for us. Sometimes, a lack of strength to move forward can prevent us from making a decision or taking the first step forward. Spring is associated with change and realignment of thinking. Rosemary, Pink Grapefruit or Mandarin essential oils can help. Although they do not contain nutrients, they can help us due to their ability to positively stimulate the brain centres, and thus facilitate correct judgement.