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Josef Šálek is the new world record holder in the Guinness World Records!


On Sunday, 18 February 2024, BEWIT Natural Medicine organized a major sporting event, the main goal of which was to break the Guinness World Records world record by 54-year-old Josef Šálek in barefoot running in the snow over a distance of 21.1 km, which had not been broken since 2007 and was held by the Dutchman Wim Hof with a time of 2 hours 16 minutes and 34 seconds. Josef Šálek is a hardy man, runner, endurance runner, but also a coach and motivator. He prepared long and hard to break the record. Overcoming challenges and his own limits has been a part of Joska Šálek’s life for several years, where he has discovered the power of a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t give up on natural products with which he was preparing to break the record.

Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

Josef Šálek is the current holder of the Guinness World Record in the plank position and the Czech record in the snow run, which he completed in 1 hour 36 minutes and 42 seconds. The new goal was to break Wim Hof’s Guinness World Record and, at the same time, to break his own record in barefoot and half-naked running in the snow.

The whole event was personally supervised by the chief commissioner, Mr. Pravin Patel from the Guinness World Records, and the Good Day Agency (in Czech: “Agentura Dobrý den”) from Pelhřimov, recording the Czech records in the Czech Book of Records, was also represented.

Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

According to the conditions for the Guinness World Record, the snow had to be completely natural and had to cover the entire running route, accurately measured by an officially approved surveyor. Due to the significant warming (the international cross-country ski race “Jizerská padesátka” was cancelled), it was necessary to adjust the terrain of the route and to rake the natural snow directly to the route. Despite all the efforts to make adjustments, the snow was melting under the bare feet and, by the end of the run, it was all slushy. Šálek’s opportunity to break his personal Czech record literally melted, so he focused his energy on the primary goal of breaking Wim Hof’s record. There was an incredible race not only against time, but also against the human capacity to achieve it. Personal will, a strong, well-nourished body and the thunderous support of the spectators led Josef Šálek to the finish line with an incredible time and a new Guinness World Record. With the time of 1 hour 50 minutes and 42 seconds, he set a new world record in barefoot running in the snow/ice on a half-marathon course registered in the Guinness World Records.

Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

The event included a run of hardy runners who ran the same race as Josef Šálek, shortened to 5 km, and whose performance also entered the Czech Book of Records. Following Joska, Jakub Trčka, a disabled runner, also ran the half marathon with his guide Dana Urbánová – wearing only shoes, short pants and no T-shirt. After a severe work injury (when he hit a grenade that exploded at work), he is a partial amputee on his left arm and virtually blind. Yet he didn’t give up an active life. We are extremely happy that their joint sports performance as a runner and a guide was also appreciated by BEWIT Natural Medicine, and donations were given through Josef Šálek to support their further great performances, which are an example of incredible will and determination.

Throughout the event, there was the opportunity to visit the BEWIT booth, where not only was there a free tasting of BEWIT Ceremonial Cocoa, but it was also possible to try many products, including the BEWIT Joyful Movement in 90 Days kit. 

BEWIT - Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

The event was held with the support of the town of Pec pod Sněžkou and the mayor Ilona Karlíková did not miss it. The whole event was also supervised and supported by Mr. Jiří Černota, MSc, owner and founder of BEWIT.

The programme included the concert by Maruška Tilšarová and the following online competition: For a picture of ŠÁLEK, many CUPS for free! (ŠÁLEK means A CUP in English) You could win a small or large pack of the Ceremonial Cocoa and the main prize wasPrawtein Carbon Elixir

Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

Josef Šálek proved that “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, which is the title of the newly prepared documentary about Joska, to be screened at festivals around the world and in cinemas, of which this record is a part. In the film, we can look forward to the personal opinions of Mr. Marian Jelínek, PhD, who is known for his cooperation with top athletes (Jaromír Jágr, Karolína Plíšková and others), internationally renowned nuclear physicist Mr. Jan Rak, PhD, prominent personalities such as Olympic tennis medalistAndrea Sestini Hlaváčková, world champion in freestyle motocross Libor Podmol and many others.

We are extremely proud that BEWIT Natural Medicine is helping to achieve such fantastic results with its products. BE With IT

BEWIT Tým - Josef Šálek Guinness World Record

Push your boundaries and your personal records with natural products that are part of the daily routine of record holder Josef Šálek, already a Guinness World Record holder for the second time. Natural dietary supplements, essential oils, ointments and superfoods will kick-start your body while helping you rest and recharge after exercise. The products carry natural strength and are perfectly absorbable thanks to their natural origin. Give your body enough care before and after strenuous exercise, whether you play sports regularly or exercise occasionally.