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Klára Hrubá accompanies women on their journeys to life ease, tranquility and joy. On her way, BEWIT essential oils help her to do so. She will now share with us how this has affected her business.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Klara Hruba

Can you tell us how BEWIT got into your life?

At the time I discovered BEWIT I was on maternity leave with three small and very often sick children. I used various natural and common remedies for years, but did not notice any shifts. I remember the day the first package from BEWIT came very well. It was early December and all the children had a cold. This was often the beginning of several weeks of sniffling, coughing, congestion and sometimes, unfortunately, antibiotics. In the package was a Pine and aroma diffuser. I've used pine essential oil before, but this one was different at first, strong yet kind.

We ran the diffuser every day and after 3 weeks I was surprised to find that nothing had come out of the cold and the kids were even without long term congestion. I am calmer and more connected to myself. Thanks to this experience, I know that oils have great strength and their effect is always on multiple planes. Right where we need it. I started discovering other oils and more wonderful experiences were coming. With them came the decision to involve BEWIT in my work and spread these kind helpers among other children and moms.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Klara Hruba

What do you love most about BEWIT?

My journey with BEWIT has been going on for several years. I love the essential oils that accompany me every day. They are like friends who are there for me whenever I need them. When I’m sad, scared, need to anchor confidence or relieve my children’s runny noses, encourage healing of scraped knees, etc. For me, BEWIT is a beautiful community of people who consciously lead their lives with respect for themselves, others and nature. The line that accompanies everything in BEWIT is kindness, reliability and quality.

Do you buy BEWIT products only for your clients or for yourself?

I bought the products for myself first. Gradually, I discovered how much my worries were lessened thanks to them. Now BEWIT is one of the supporting pieces of my work. I match women with balance in body and soul, and for this, BEWIT products were directly created.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Klara Hruba

Which products are your favourite?

My most beloved oil remains Pine and with it Red Orange. These two oils caress every torment on the soul and smell wonderful in the diffuser. Bodyguard is with us whenever we need a quick boost in body resilience. Coldet to cleanse the body. On anchoring and personal support, I love Winner, Balance, Life and Peace. And if I could only have one oil, it would be a rose. It is like unconditional love and deep acceptance in drops, and this wonderful energy can tune out perhaps all sorrows.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Klara Hruba

Klára Hrubá

Residence: Český Dub, Czechia

The most popular product of BEWIT: Pine essential oil

Part of BEWIT FAMILY from: 12/2017