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We show thousands of people every day why a return to nature is crucial


Melania and Štěpán are behind the wonderful project Force for Life. For them, BEWIT essential oils were a logical step on the path of educating people who want to take their health into their own hands.

You have a successful online project. Can you briefly introduce us what this is about?

A few years ago, we started to pursue a healthy lifestyle, detoxification and, most importantly, the power of wild herbs. Thus, the Power for Life was created, which today supplies information, inspiration and practical advice to several thousand people who want to take health into their own hands.

We see a real need for a return to nature. Many or perhaps all of today’s diseases and the general state of our society are caused by a technologised style of life and through loss of contact with nature. In our webinars and courses, we provide information and practical tools to rebalance this imbalance.

Bewit ambasadors Stepan and Melanie Matejkovi

These days we see a great opportunity in the fact that people’s consciousness is awakening. As humans, we are beginning to question again the meaning of life and the meaning for all the conveniences of our time. Does it really serve us? Or rather, do they distract us from substance and freedom?

Our vocation and mission of the Force for Life is to show everyone who wants and is ready to take the necessary steps that we can heal ourselves in an intense relationship with nature and thus impetus for sustainable change.

As members of BEWIT Family, you have many online tools and options to grow your business. How does that work for you in practice with connecting to your existing Power for Life project?

We greatly appreciate the service and friendliness presented to us as members of the BEWIT Family on a daily basis. First of all, these are clearly arranged materials that are available to us in our virtual BEWIT office. We use these materials both for us personally and for our community. We mainly appreciate detailed descriptions of the action of therapeutic essential oils. This is very valuable to our work. Furthermore, we are very comfortable working with all the links we can provide to our community. This is mainly about educating people for the reasons we mentioned above, and that is very sympathetic to us.

Do you consider the Wellbeing programme an option for quality earnings for anyone who wants to help themselves and others?

Soon after we started our business, we were approached by various companies offering all kinds of products to join their commission system. You know, if you just want to make money, you can recommend everything from morning to evening. That’s not sympathetic to us. With BEWIT, it was completely about something else. First we tried everything. We met Jirka Černota (founder of BEWIT) and we discovered really the magic of essential oils, which are kind of the next logical step when we use wild herbs. We like to communicate our experience further. And the answer to your question: yes, it does. And we would like more people to do that.

What BEWIT products are among your favourites?

Our favourites are mainly single-species oils: pine, tea tree, incense, cedar, orange, lemon and rose. We like to let their fragrance and subtle information and power affect each other.

Other big favourites also include PRAWTEINS, such as. Moon, which wonderfully harmonises the female cycle, and KIDS, which greatly contributes to a good mood in the whole family.

We also like to use green foods, especially chlorella vulgaris, which is much more digestible than other types of algae and helps to detoxify the organism gently and daily.

Bewit ambasadors Stepan and Melanie Matejkovi

What else would you say to our readers at the end?

We are now experiencing a resurgence of our relationship with herbs. They have been helping people since time immemorial and transmit their wisdom to us. Essences are such an accelerator, the key to their essence. Moreover, we are tuned to the message of herbs, which we have been dealing with intensively lately. Thus, a series of inspiration cards have been created that will help us open up to the more subtle impulses of plants.

Therefore, those who seek help in this area for their health, both physical and mental, and are well on their way with essential oils.

We are glad that there is a company in the Czech that has a good foundation, whose philosophy is for nature and not against it. And that we can actively participate in its success. If we are healthier and happier as people, our future will look different. How? That’s up to each of us. It’s up to you, too, reading these lines.

Štěpán a Melánie Matějka

Residence: Jindřichovice pod Smrkem, Czechia 

The most popular product of BEWIT: Pine essential oil

Part of BEWIT FAMILY from: 02/2021