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Product of the week 1+1 is BEWIT CREATIVITY and BEWIT PRAWTEIN LOVE


The perfumed massage room has attracted a satisfied clientele


Prague masseur Michal Volek adores his work so much that he mixes his own massage oils.

The connection with BEWIT brought Michal an immeasurable lightness and extraordinary quality.

How did BEWIT get into your life?

BEWIT came into my life naturally, with ease. I was familiar with aromatherapy and essential oils before I knew BEWIT. However, the quality was probably not ideal.

BEWIT Wellbeing Ambasador Michal Volek

For the first time I introduced BEWIT to my client, whom I go to massage. She had the essence of SELFLOVE at home. During the massage, the diffuser was turned on and the smell of this essence surprised and intrigued me. This essential oil is one of my favourites today.

The second meeting took place at the Evolution festival in Prague, where I bought a diffuser in the BEWIT booth from Mr. Černota and became more aware that this brand existed.

How has your therapeutic practice changed with BEWIT?

Thanks to BEWIT, I scented the massage room! Often, clients immediately after entering the massagers will tell me how beautiful it smells there. So the diffuser in the massage room has been commonplace since I got to know BEWIT. Another thing that has changed is massage oils. Thanks to high-quality cold-pressed oils, in ORGANIC quality, I started mixing my original massage oils. It’s that kind of alchemy that I enjoy very much. I use sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, now apricot and grape seed oils. I try to combine the oils to create an ideal massage oil for me and clients. I add vegetable oils and essential oils to these mixtures to create a unique product. For example, OIL with a mixture of MOVE IT essential oils to support joints and musculoskeletal system, NOBAPA oil against back pain, or oil with Frankincense, which has broad spectrum effects not only on the physical body.

In this respect, working with BEWIT has been a huge benefit for me.

BEWIT Wellbeing Ambasador Michal Volek

What specifically do you use most often in your practice?

I use essential oils and carrier oils. BEWIT has a wide variety of essential oil blends that can be combined with carrier oils during massage and can benefit clients in many areas.

And can you tell us which products you personally use?

I use essential oils in the diffuser, in the kitchen we like flax oil in super fresh quality or HEMP oil. I also use PRAWTEINS including PRAWTEIN C60 and of course massage oils.

BEWIT Wellbeing Ambasador Michal Volek

What do you think of our Wellbeing programme?

I am still at the beginning of using this programme. I am still getting acquainted with products whose range is growing rapidly. Anyway, I recommend it as much as possible. I believe that information about their quality and benefit must be shared. I have created a BEWIT tab on my website and I share my product experiences there. I also promote them through my social networks. I believe that in the future I will use this great opportunity to spread the message of BEWIT and at the same time make myself better off financially.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

May everyone enjoy with ease and joy their journey on this amazing planet and enrich themselves and others with their uniqueness.

BEWIT Wellbeing Ambasador Michal Volek

Michal Volek

Residence: Praha, Czechia 

The most popular product of BEWIT: Frankincense Quattuor Essential Oil

(four-species frankincense)

Part of BEWIT FAMILY from: 09/2021