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5 tips to strengthen your defences and resist the pitfalls of cold days: Immunity, resistance, antioxidant protection


It's autumn time. Morning fogs are increasing and together with the cooling weatherour defences are getting a real beating. The days are getting shorter and keeping up the good mood and energy is becoming challenging. 

On public transport, in workplaces, in kindergartens, schools and everywhere around us there is someone who is spitting. Grandparents are afraid to watch their grandchildren, and for parents' the thought of endlessly lengthening sick leave makes their hair stands on end at.

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How can you and your family prepare for such a challenging time and maintain your strength a resilience?

Here are5 proven tipsthat will get you through this crucial time to support you the most.

1. Quality dietary supplements as a basis for immunity

First and foremost, it is important to strengthen the defences from within, through a balanced diet and quality supplementation. Natural dietary supplements will provide special support during this delicate period BEWIT PRAWTEIN Protect a BEWIT PRAWTEIN Reishi Plus.

These, along with their content of extremely effective substances, will strengthen your resistance and support your overall vitality. Without chemistry and in harmony with Mother Nature.

2. Clear the space around you

Public transport, offices, shops, nurseries and family parties. These turn into risk areas as autumn approaches. Drip into your diffuser BEWIT Protectthat reliably cleans the area around you.

Our tip: Don't limit yourself to use at home. In the inhalation stick you will always have your protector handy. The small stick can be conveniently hidden in a briefcase or the smallest handbag. You can pull it out wherever you need it. Inhalation in the office or on public transport will create a protective shield.

3. Chronic stress, a stumbling block

Stress, tension, fatigue. Not only can they make the day pretty unpleasant, they also weaken our immune system with great force.

Regularly relaxingin a bath or deep breathing meditation enhanced by the extraordinary effects of essential oils offers the perfect way to relieve chronic stress.

Rise up above the worries of the day with the beautifully tuned scent BEWIT Help H.

Gentle soothing scent BEWIT Peace will deeply soothe you deeply and help you to restore your feelings of inner peace.

Let your intuition guide you. Choose the scent that your body is calling for.

4. Breathe clear and unobstructed

When you're gasping for breath and it feels like something is "creeping up on you", BEWIT Tea tree in the early days to calm you down a all-round support.

But once you need to properly stretch nostrils, with BEWIT Breath you'll feel an immediate relaxation.

5. Perfectly protected and regenerated skin, the key to success

Although the skin is not usually given that much importance, it plays an important role in the proper functioning of the immune system. After all, it is a key protective barrier of our body, which is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of free radicals and many other negative influences from the environment. Daily care for her, especially in such a difficult period, becomes a necessity.

Boost your skin's antioxidant potential with BEWIT H Plus. You can prepare a refreshing body serum in no time. Just add one drop of the essential blend to 30 ml of carrier oil and you're done.

Towards a colourful autumn

You don't have to worry about cold, rain or sudden weather fluctuations. On the contrary. Take a walk in the colourful park, fly kites and enjoy the fall. A sudden cold or flying bacteria will no longer threaten you.

All products mentioned in this article (except carrier oils) can be found in the kit BEWIT Family Protect which has been created by our experienced and professional team based on the needs of our customers. The set is designed for the whole family, including the little ones.

It contains everything you and your family will need during this period.

Use of therapeutic essential oils

Aroma diffuser
Add 3-5 drops of essential oil blend or essential oil to the water BEWIT Tea tree.

Inhalation stick
Add 3-5 drops of essential oil blend or essential oil to the water BEWIT Tea tree.

Aromatherapy bath
Mix 3 - 5 drops of the essential blend with three tablespoons of cream, honey or liquid soap, stir into a water-filled bath.

Body serum
Mix one drop of the essential blend with 30 ml of carrier oil and gently massage the soles of the feet or the whole body.

Helper in a bottle - palm inhalation
Mix 1 drop of the essential oil blend with 30 ml of carrier oil.

Carrier oil
Ideally, you should use BEWIT Essential Base Oil, which allows the essential oils to reach the deep layers of your skin. But you can also choose fractionated coconut, olive or sunflower oil.

She prefers to clean her head in the woods, in the mountains, on a bicycle and sometimes even in the saddle of a horse.