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Skin and body care for autumn and winter | Daily routine with natural cosmetics and a holistic approach


Skin care in the cold months: How to maintain beautiful skin even in winter

Autumn and winter are beautiful seasons with vibrant colours, magical views and a pleasant atmosphere, but for our skin this season can be challenging.
There are a number of reasons why skin ages faster in autumn and winterand we get flakey skin and we have dry hands a they crack us lips.

Let's take a closer look at it, how to prevent these manifestations.

The key to success is quality natural cosmetics and a holistic approach to health and beauty.
And how to integrate this approach into everyday life?

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

Reasons why skin ages faster and behaves unhappily in autumn and winter 

There is less moisture in the air and the daily skin care ritual needs to be adapted accordingly

The first and main reason is that there is demonstrably less moisture in the air - dryness, wind and cold disrupt the equilibrium (balance) in the skin and cause redness. This goes hand in hand with the second reason - we often use the same skincare in winter as we do in summer. But with autumn comes completely different conditions. The air is dry and harsh. Whereas in summer our skin was used to a warm and humid atmosphere.

The basic mantra of skin care: To cleanse, moisturise, nourish and protect, it needs to be supplemented with the right cosmetic products

Our skin will probably not be enough: cleanse, moisturise, nourish and protect with the same products as in summer.

We should start using a more nourishing, preferably oil-based skin cleanser to cleanse our skin. Among these is BEWIT Cleanser, which, in addition to being nourishing, is also very gentle and protects our skin. Choosing the right skin cleanser is very important, daily washing weakens our hydrolipidic film and makes our skin more prone to dryness. Especially in autumn and winter.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

Additionally, oil cleansing must come on moistened skin and a moistened cotton or cloth pad must also be used. We can use the much-loved hydrolates or essential waters to moisturise the skin. Moisturising the oil cleanser will help it work its way into the deeper layers of the skin, and it will also add additional moisture to the skin. The added value is also in economic terms. With proper moisturising, we will have less consumption of oil cleansing skin.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

On this cleansed skin, we reapply the natural hydrate, which at this stage already has the function of a skin tonic. However, this alone may not be enough in autumn and winter. At this point, it would be a good idea to add a natural moisturising serum such as one based on hyaluronic acid. In addition to containing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, C60 Unique Serum also has a unique, very gentle, all-natural formula for sensitive skin.

For properly hydrated skin, we can use a rich and nourishing skin balm composed of vegetable butters and oils that have a so-called TEWL function. That is, it can prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss in the skin. If they also contain 100% pure and natural essential oils, we will gain balance and peace of mind by using them.

The eye area should also receive special care . Why? Because the eye area is the thinnest area of the skin and thus the most susceptible to the signs of ageing. It contains far less fat than the rest of the skin. Therefore, more than ever, the eye area should first be moisturisedwith a natural cream or serum containing a hydrate and then gently massaged with an oil or butter eyecosmeticpreparation.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

Reasons for superior hydration, nutrition and protection

Free radicals

In autumn and winter ,smog stays more low-lying. Smog is full of free radicals, which are one of the most common causes of skin ageing. It is advisable to include facial masks in your skin care routine - e.g. BEWIT Lifting Mask. Its oil composition will again promote nourishment, but it also contains beneficial dragon's blood, which in addition to protecting the skin from free radicals will also promote skin lifting.

  We don't protect our skin from the sun

Natural oils that naturally contain photoprotective substances can help significantly. We can add carrot oil, rosehip oil or even raspberry oil to your favourite cosmetic products. Carrot and rosehip oil can also lightly tone our skin thanks to their higher carotenoid content. This gives our pale winter skin a healthier appearance.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

How can we support our mental and emotional adjustment in the autumn and winter?

In general during this period stress levels increase, as the stress hormone cortisol is released. It can have a damaging effect on the skin and can cause premature skin ageing. In winter we also tend to eat denser and more calorie dense foods but skin needs lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, it needs a vibrant and functional diet. People are also less active, this leads to a more melancholic mood, perhaps weight gain. As the largest respiratory organ, the skin has a harder time functioning, detoxifies more slowly and regenerates skin cells more slowly. Skin processes are slower.

We can try to turn this knowledge of conditions to our advantage and take it as a challenge. Really great helpers with this challenge can be essential oils. They are great guides and supporters of our psyche.
Although they do not contain amino acids, they do not provide our body with nutrition. But they can very quickly penetrate the emotional centres of the brain.
They can positively affect our mood, our ability to make decisions in accordance with our own or literally kick us into action.
The most popular way to use essential oils is with aroma diffusers, which release a cold fragrant mist. Just add 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oil blend, e.g. BEWIT Gold Moisturising, and enjoy the beautiful scent, well-being and peace of mind.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

Allergies to cold, scaly skin, chapped lips and dry hands all winter?!

This is a daily reality especially for women in winter. It doesn't have to be this way if we take a few seemingly unrelated and yet very simple steps. Skin reacts in this irritating way only if it is excessively dry from the inside for a long time.

A diffuser for every room! That's not hyperbole. The quality of your life will be upgraded. Not only on a psychological level, but regular use of a diffuser will also significantly increase the humidity in the air in your home. During the heating season, the air in homes is dry to the point of being irritating, and this dries out our skin all over our bodies. In addition, if we support this with a quick blast of ventilation every day, our skin will not suffer from excessive dryness in the cold season.

We're used to taking hot showers in the winter. And it's logical, we want to warm up. However, hot showers dry our skin even more and make it prone to cracking. How about trying a lukewarm shower or straight up cold showers? Not only our skin, but also our health will be stronger and more elastic.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

In addition, various soaps make our skin and complexion even drier. In winter, there is actually no need to wash your body with soap every day. Let's try to use soap every second or third day. And let's try applyingbody oil on a sponge when showering or BEWIT B17 Suby C Serum, which not only softens and nourishes our skin, but also contains turmeric, whichwarms up our body beautifully . We can also lightly sponge off the body serum in the shower, so that our body will not be greasy but will be pleasantly soft. And after towel-drying, you won't have to apply body lotion.

BEWIT Skin and body care for autumn and winter

Conclusion: Winter is a time when it is not enough to grease up and go.  And just more lubrication won't help either

Anholistic approach will guarantee lasting results, a beautiful feeling of a soft,nourished body and psychological balance. It is genuine and respectful care. Often these are small routine steps that can easily be incorporated into your daily ritual and don't require hours of time. In addition, if we choose purely natural cosmetics, no synthetic ingredients which will irritate your skin. In natural ingredients, herbal extracts or essential oils we always have extra nourishment, regeneration and protection.