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For every complete product review we receive from you we will add a gift of one of our products to your next order


What is it about, how it came about and how it works?

At BEWIT we have been able to create a wonderful and inclusive community. Today there are thousands of people who want to live a healthier lifestyle who are using our products. By working closely with the BEWIT team we are learning from each other and can support and inspire each other. Over the years we have worked to identify new products, improved our older ones based on our collective experience and most importantly the feedback from our customers. A simple thought is that where we are all able to share the wealth of this collective know how we would have an ocean of information and ultimately a healthier planet.    

Let's share our experiences with each other. Your experience adds value to our products. BEWIT will show you how it values your feedback by rewarding you with a gift.

It is simple. Value for Value. Our Gift for Your Gift.  

How do you bring value to BEWIT?

It is your story . Your experience in using the BEWIT products. It may be how your mood improved after inhaling essential oils, how they helped someone you know, your recipes, recommendations about what makes you so enthusiastic in respect of a particular product; what surprised you, the joy and gratitude you experienced.   Simply anything that could be of value and help to others.

Where to share?

In the BEWIT e-shop, each product, following the basic description and list of costs, has 3 tabs:

  •             Product Description
  •             Downloads
  •             Customers Review

If you click on the tab called “Customers Review” you can record your own experience there. It could take your few minutes or several seconds. Obviously it depends on how much you wish to share with us. In order to be able to write your own review you need to be logged in. Therefore, only customers who are registered with BEWIT will be able to carry out this review.

Kde sdílet

On any product card of the product, scroll down to Product Description and click on the Customer Review “tab.


What type of reward (a gift), could i get for my review?

Hundreds of  gifts are contained within the 4 categories of our system. These range from a simple BEWIT ceramic heart, through to 5 ml bottles, or even up to 15ml bottles containing mix of essential oils valued at around 1000 Kč per bottle. We are prepared to give away 1000’s of our products as gifts for your important feedback and time.  

What is the criteria for determining which gift I will receive?

It depends on the story you are sharing, and it’s value and benefit to others. The system will evaluate the popularity of your review and based on the number of “Thumbs-Up” will determine which reward category your review has achieved. You will then be able to choose any gift you like from that category. 

How could I collect my gift?

When you place your next order the electronic system will automatically inform you that a specific gift has been added to that order. For legal reasons the gift/reward will be charged on your invoice for the sum of 1 Kč.

Kde najít odměnu

You choose your reward gift in your shopping basket in our e-shop. For legal reasons the minimal sum of 1 Kč will be added to your invoice.


How could I increase my chances in receiving a gift and also a gift from higher category.


Here are some ideas how to increase your chances:

  1. Write about your experience (your recommendation, product rating, your recipe using a product...) it should be simple, to the point and truthful. So that people reading your review will gain some benefit and understanding how to use this particular product.
  2. Write about how the products were of benefit to you (or your family and friends) which you were excited about. What do you like about them, how did they help you in some way and why would you recommend them them to others? Additionally it could be about something that has bothered you in the past and has now been resolved by using a particular product.
  3. Add a photo(s) which relates to your review (albeit this is not a condition).
  4. You can add your avatar to your virtual office which will then appear alongside your review. This will also enhance your reward opportunities.

You can download your Avatar in your virtual office. With this you can get the most valuable rewards.

  1. Simply put the more detail your review contains potentially the more gifts you can get.

So let’s share, give and receive gifts - let’s enjoy giving.


We have thousands of gifts waiting for your reviews.  

The conditions relating to the product reviews submitted will apply for this year 2022. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to this process. You will be notified about any amendments we intend to carry out.