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The product of this month is BEWIT TEA TREE. You can buy it for half the normal price.

We look forward to welcoming you to the BEWIT FAMILY with an account full of benefits

An account full of benefits

We offer our members 1+1 promotions and 50% discounts
Lifetime discounts of up to 30% on selected products
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Benefits of registration

BEWIT offers the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and many other 100% natural healthy lifestyle products. For customers and partners interested in buying at wholesale prices, BEWIT offers membership in its unique personal franchise system. Registration is free of charge and does not commit you to anything - there is no charge and no obligation for regular subscriptions. Membership (registration) can be cancelled at any time free of charge. By registering you obtain the possibility to use discount promotions and access to your own virtual office, where you can get an overview of your activities, developments, educational materials, as well as information about meetings, lectures, trainings, courses and free support. Members can use the services of theBEWIT Medical and Scientific Advisory Board and consult with them by phone on healthy lifestyle issues. Registered members of the BEWIT community have the opportunity to join a private group BEWIT FAMILY on Facebook and get valuable information, advice and inspiration.

All for free without obligation and for life.

By partnering with BEWIT you become part of a community who share similar values. They want a closer connection with nature. They are looking for natural support for physical and mental harmony, natural beauty care and a way to gently maintain their household. Some members of the BEWIT community take advantage of the fact that BEWIT does not offer its products in the normal way through commercial networks, but has its own unique system of personal franchises, where members receive reward for referrals and sharing, and have the opportunity to earn extra money, build a regular income or their own financial independence. They do meaningful work that they enjoy and helps others. All this with minimal investment and minimal risk.

The cooperation is interesting especially for:

  • Customers who want to shop at the best prices
  • Therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors
  • Masseurs, operator of relaxation centers, trainers
  • Bloggers, influencers, online marketers focusing on a healthy lifestyle
  • Leaders
  • Mothers for maternity, retirees looking for opportunity and life change
  • Those looking for extra income, for those who want to build a regular income, or for those looking for the opportunity, system, support and tools to achieve their own financial independence
Get WS Partner Prizes now and for life:
1.15% discount - by purchasing 300 - 700 BP
2. 30% discount by buying at least - 701 BP

The purchase can be made once or in two consecutive months.

If the very first order exceeds the set threshold for discount recognition (it is above 300 BP), the registered customer will pay the list price for the order and the discount he should have received for the part of the purchase that is above this threshold will be automatically credited to his BEWIT virtual wallet. He can later use this amount as a credit on his next purchase or have it sent to his bank account.

BBO - BEWIT Business owner (BEWIT personal franchise owner)
BP - BEWIT points (points)
WS - wholesale (prices)
Points are added up for all orders placed in two consecutive calendar months. If the condition is not met by then, the BBO starts from zero. If the condition is fulfilled, the BBO receives the partner prizes immediately. For life and without other conditions.
A convenient wayof obtaining 30% VO discount is to purchase one of our sets GO BEWIT, or VISION(by purchasing you will get 702 BP, which will fulfill the condition + you will get a bonus for purchases over 700 BP - 15 ml mixture of EO according to of your choice, or 15 ml of incense for free). However, the purchase of the set is not mandatory.

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Un produs extraordinar,ma simt f bine,plina de energie.

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Mam lawendę i lawendę kaszmir. I może tu Was zaskoczę ale wolę lawendę ! Jest to nieodłączny element mojej...

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Zakupiłam ten produkt bo tak szczerze bardzo nazwa mi się spodobała Kupiłam je w promocji buy 1 get 1 free...

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Este un produs de top.Il flosesc in fiecare dimineata,2 picaturi sub limba.

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the king of oils. If you have the king of oils at hand, you have everything.

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Sunt incantata de acest amestec de uleiuri care pentru mine fuctioneaza ca un balsam ...pentru suflet si tot ce...

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I love the smell of Rosewood, oil, I lived for over five years on a tiny street called Rosewood Place,...

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I love LEMON. Everybody like it. Aroma is fresh,light, warming and encouraging. Supports really contretation, clear thinking and selv-discipline. I...

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Tento olej mam velmi rada, vyuzivam ho na vsestranne vyuzitie, aj do vlasov pred umytim, vlasy ostanu jemne a vlacne...

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Díky Bewit za tento úžasný olej - bohužel už je prázdný ?, dorazil v pondělí a dneska je sobota a...

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