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BEWIT Aroma diffuser waterless DUAL STRONG, grey

Waterless diffuser

Waterless aroma diffuser with two nozzles.

Features: automatic shut-off, 5 spray intensity** levels, 4 timer settings operating time** up to 8 h, backlight colours – warm and cold, diffuser colour grey.

The original diffuser bottle can be replaced with 5 and 15 ml bottles of our essential oils.

It is available in three colours: grey, silver, wood

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BEWIT® Aroma diffuser waterless DUAL STRONG grey

** Re-chargeable aroma diffuser** for use for your home and car.

It features a simple modern design and very intuitive operation.

It is suitablefor any essential oil.

Compared to classic diffusers, the essential oil is applied to the device without water.

It has 2 bottles for essential oils,and 2 nozzles.

A fragrant oasis without the use of water

The two-nozzle technology allows the essential oil to disperse in a flash without water into the surroundings. The diffuser is equipped with two bottles for essential oil application. Each bottle can be filled with a different type of essential oil. Thanks to the two nozzles, the diffuser can **quickly scent even large spaces. **The distinctive aroma transforms any room into a fragrant oasis. Only one atomiser can be in operation at a time.

The waterless diffuser system creates a more** intense scent** compared to ultrasonic or other diffusers where essential oils are diluted in water.

The diffuser is suitable for rooms with excessive humidity. By using undiluted essential oil, the diffused mist only minimally increases the water content of the air.

LED backlight

It offers adjustable lighting warm yellow light with two intensities. However, you can also turn the backlight off completely.

A companion not just for home

The diffuser is suitable for beauty salons, spa and yoga centres, but also for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, toilets, offices, hotels, hospitals or any other private or public space. Its small size and light weight make it a great car companion. Thanks to the rechargeable function, it is portable and you can use it anywhere without depending on a source of electricity.

Suitable for rooms with an area of up to 150 m².


Spray technology with two nozzles

The aroma diffuser is designed to use the best of both oriental culture and the latest findings of western science. The diffuser is equipped with two bottles and two nozzles. The technology is based on the use of high air pressure which blows the essential oil through the nozzle to produce an even and very fine spray. This mechanism allows the natural properties of the essential oil molecules to be preserved without causing any damage.


  • Only essential oils (without water) are added to the diffuser.
  • Two bottles for placing essential oils, two nozzles for spraying.
  • The dual media atomisation technology enables lightning dispersion of undiluted essential oil into the surrounding area.
  • The dual media atomisation technology enables lightning quick dispersion of undiluted essential oil into the surrounding area.
  • Also suitable for large rooms up to 150 m².
  • Purifies the air to remove unwanted odours.
  • Quality materials and simple operation.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • It helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It can be an effective tool for insect control.
  • It helps break down residual smoke and eliminates the source of the smell.
  • It can act as an emotional stimulant to help calm you down and relieve you of excess stress.
  • After a period of use, a fine fragrant mist may form in the room


** Material: aluminium alloy box, plastic parts (BPA Free), 2× glass bottle
** Optional power adapter:
DC output voltage 5V, 1A/5V, 2A
** Battery capacity:** 4000 mAh
** Number of air outlets:** 2
** Automatic shut-off:** yes (can be set to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours and then automatically shut off)
** Operating time:** up to 8 hours
** Backlight:** 1 Colour
** Nebula:adjustable nebula intensity – 5 levels
Dimensions: 144 × 64 × 123 mm (LxWxH)
** Weight of the diffuser:
approx. 670 g
** Warranty:** 2 years
** Package contents:diffuser, Type-C charging cable (USB)
** Accessories:
user manual, atomiser (atomisation core) 2 pcs, essential oil suction tube 2 pcs

Instructions for use

Detailed instructions for using and cleaning the diffuser can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD tab. The user manual is also included with the diffuser in printed form.

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BEWIT Aroma diffuser waterless DUAL STRONG, grey

Waterless diffuser

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Jana Václavíková

Jana Václavíková

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Aroma difuzér waterless DUAL STRONG, světlé dřevo

Za mě naprosto skvělý difuzér. Obtěžovalo mě míchání EO do vody do klasického difuzéru. Tady prostě jen našroubuji lahvičku od Bewit a jede to. Navíc se tam vejdou jak malé, tak velké lahvičky. Kdo chce využít a přelívat, tak jsou v balení 2 prázdné, které se dají plnit. Baví mě, že jsou v pohotovosti hned 2 směsi, takže nemusím pořád vyměňovat.

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Branko Toman

Branko Toman

Slovensky SK (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Aroma difuzér waterless DUAL STRONG, šedý

Vzhľadovo aj funkčne veľmi dobrý difúzor. Je ho treba umiestniť na mäkkú podložku, ktorá tlmí vibrácie, inak vám rozvibruje celú miestnosť.

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Petr Kříž

Petr Kříž

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Aroma difuzér waterless DUAL STRONG, šedý

Tento difuzér jsem objednal protože se mi líbilo, že je dobíjecí tedy přenosný a mohu ho brát i do auta. Zároveň se mi líbilo, že je na dvě lahvičky, takže mohu libovolně střídat vůně. Ale do auta mi přijde moc velký a moc prostoru v autě na usazení není. Takže budu muset objednat menší variantu na jednu lahvičku. Krom vyšší hlučnosti jsem rozhodně spokojen. Vůně jsou intenzivní a čisté. Když jsem dal například vůni pomeranče, tak mám pocit jako bych ten pomeranč měl v puse a jedl jej 😃 Spotřeby EO je samozřejmě o něco větší než u vodých difuzérů, ale s tím se počítá.

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