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Mabon: Time for personal growth | Autumn Equinox 23 Sep.


Mabon offers an opportunity to pause, immerse yourself in your own thoughts and share the joy with family and friends. The autumnal equinox opens a window to the past and the future.

Accept the invitation to celebrate Mabon and connect with nature and yourself. You will gain a new perspective on the world around us.

At the end of this article you will find a short ritual, which will guide you through the celebration of Mabon. It will give you guidance, on how to ground yourself and help you release negative emotions.

Celebrations and traditions of our ancestors

The celebration of the autumnal equinox has deep roots in the history of our ancestors. This time was an important period when people were preparing for the colder months of the year.

Our ancestors celebrated in a similar way as we do today. They gave thanks for the harvest, lit fires and candles, got rid of unwanted emotions and celebrated the abundance with a communal meal.

Goddess Mokosh: Mother Earth and symbol of abundance

Mokos is an important figure in the mythologies of many cultures. In Slavic tradition, she is the embodiment of fertility, abundance and maternal love.

Mokoš is not only a symbol of the fertility of the earth, but also of thefertility of the spirit and mind. Her energy encourages us to seek balance between the outer and inner worlds.

It reminds us of the connection between humanity and nature. She is a model of a strong and caring woman who cares for her family and the world around her.

The modern meaning of Mabon: Emotions and connection with nature

Mabon, the ancient celebration of the autumnal equinox, continues to have deep significance for modern society today. Although, or perhaps because, we have moved into the digital age, the desire to connect with nature is extremely relevant.

How to celebrate Mabon

  1. Earthing

In today's hectic times, Mabon allows us tostop and ground ourselves. Everyday stress and pressure lead to a sense of loss of balance and calm. Grounding allows us to connect with nature and find harmony. It will also give us the opportunity to rediscover our inner strength and stability.

Take awalk in the woods or meditate outside. You will relax from the everyday hustle and bustle and boost your mental and physical well-being.

  1. Thanksgiving

Sometimes there is so much that we forget what we have.

Celebrating Mabon offers you the opportunity to look back, at what the past year has brought you. What's more, to say thank you.

  1. Planning and new beginnings

The autumn equinox is also a great opportunity to set intentions for the future. We can use this time for self-discovery and setting new paths.

Plan your personal and professional goals. It will give you clear direction in the period ahead.

  1. Community and sharing

Celebrating Mabon is perfect forgetting together with friends and family. Arrange to have lunch or dinner together. According to tradition, each guest should bring a dish to share with the others. Share your experiences from the past months.

  1. Personal growth and transformation

Looking into the past helps us to recognise what enriches us and what we should leave behind. In this way we can achieve personal growth and change.

The ritual of letting go of negative emotions

This magical ritual will help you look back on the past year, release negative emotions and prepare for new beginnings.

What you will need:

3 sheets of paper or notepad


Quiet place (at home or in nature by the water)

Matches or lighter

A bowl in which to burn the paper

Essential oil blendBEWIT Earth



Sit comfortably with your feet touching the ground. Drip 2 drops of BEWIT EARTH essential oil blend into the palms of your hands. The blend of essential oils will help you connect more easily with the Earth.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply from the palms of your hands for about 2 minutes. Relax your mind and body. Give yourself as much time as you need.

Once you're ready, imagine your feet growing into roots. These are digging into the soil and penetrating deeper and deeper into the Earth. You feel connected to the energy of the Earth. Feel its energy penetrating your feet and moving higher into your calves, thighs, abdomen, filling your heart, hands and head.

Release of emotions

On a piece of paper, write down all the positive emotions that you have experienced during the past year. Be honest with yourself. Write the negative emotions on a second sheet of paper. We will continue to work with it.


On the third sheet of paper, write your intentions for the next period. It can be anything you want to achieve or change. Save this sheet.


From the sheet of paper on which you have written out the negative emotions, fold it into a ball, tear it up. Do whatever comes to mind. Burn it in a bowl and then release into through the water. Experience your negative emotions drifting away into the distance. It is a symbol of your willingness to let go of the old and prepare for new ways.
If you perform the ritual at home, flush the ashes down the sink or toilet.


Mabon, though ancient, still brings us valuable teachings. The modern meaning of this celebration shows us the path to connection with nature, self-healing and transformation. At this time we can seek inspiration and strength for our daily lives and personal development.

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