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OFFER 3+1: For every four essential oils ordered that are not on sale, you will receive the cheapest one as a gift.

Product of the week 1+1 is BEWIT YES and BEWIT PRAWTEIN ASTRO MARS BIO

Product of the month with 50% discount is BEWIT FRANKINCENSE SERRATA and BEWIT EROS

Nourishing skin serums


Treat your facial skin to 100% pure and natural oil serums. They provide your skin with a concentrated load of nutrients through the finest oils and the unique GEMMA COMPLEX. At the same time, they will very effectively strengthen the much-needed protective barrier of your skin, which is constantly being weakened by external influences.

Together with the wonderful fragrance of the CTEO® essential oils it contains, it will turn your regular rituals into a perfect aromatherapy experience.

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