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Magic of the essences

Connection of millennial tradition with modern science


massage - BEWIT essential oils The essential oils have their own place in the health and beauty treatments since immemorial time. Various references about them can be found in the hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian temples, the Chinese and Indian medical books and also the Aztecs already written about them. In the Bible there are references to them within two hundred places. At a time when the essential oils were rebalanced by gold, Jesus got as a gift the gold, frankincense and myrrh from the three wise men.


Today we usually use a lot of cosmetics and cleaning products and most of them are produced entirely by synthetic way. We are now aware of their negative consequences on our health and the environment. And that is why we are also more often looking for ways how to return back to the maximum naturalness. The essential oils are therefore conclusively a good choice. They can change you and your view on individual care, also care of your family and your household too.

The strength and the effects of various essential oils have been repeatedly studied at leading universities and proven in practice.

French doctor Jean VALNET, the spiritual father of modern aromatherapy, operated during the World War II in China in Tonkin. When he used up all stock of the antibiotics, he started to use the essential oils for the patients with wounds suffered in battle. To his surprise, he discovered that the essential oils showed strong anti infection effects.

Scientists from the Brigham Young University demonstrated that the sandalwood oil is able to inhibit many types of cancer cells.

University scientists in Japan found that when the certain aromas were sprayed into offices, the mental accuracy and concentration were significantly increased. Sprayed lemon essential oil reduced the number of errors by 54%, jasmine by 33% and lavender by 20%. When the fragrance was sprayed during the test, the results had improved by 50%. In a study at Mie University in 1995, it was found that the citrus scents stimulate immunity, induce relaxation and weaken depression.

If we want to get the maximum effect of the essential oils, we should be consistently interested in their quality. Artificially made oils are from the therapeutic standpoint worthless and may even be harmful. Even though, that their fragrance seems pleasant. Many of pure essential oils contain the complex of molecules and isomers that cannot be produced in any laboratory.

It is also important to expand own knowledge in the aromatherapy specialization that the application of the essential oil will be helpful, pleasant and safe at any time.

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