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Quality guarantee of the BEWIT products

Company BEWIT is always promoting and will promote and strive for maximum protection of the nature and environment, friendly and the most natural cultivation, harvesting and processing plants without herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, contaminants, chemical residues and no genetic modification (GMO).

Certified therapeutic essential oils BEWIT

We had developed our own set of standards and protocols CTEO – CERTIFIED THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS to monitor, control and evaluate the essential oils quality. Our goal is to consistently offer the essential oils in the best and most beneficial quality to our customers.

Our BEWIT experts travel around the world. They visit the network of co-op trusted partners in order to check and verify that cultivation and production meet the BEWIT demanding quality requirements and standards. The plants must grow in the optimal conditions, must be properly harvested and processed correctly and also in the right time.

We are using various methods of distilling the essential oils softly and in friendly manner.
Those methods reflect the combination of historical and traditional knowledge and modern technologies. We are also using a low temperature processing procedures. The aim is to maintain a maximum amount of natural bioactive substances.

Purity and composition of the BEWIT essential oils is controlled by using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Each component of the essential oil is sequentially passed through the measuring column and it is analyzed in the output with the gas chromatography. The components that are present are determined in the tested sample. During the mass spectrometry the samples are evaporated, ionized and weighed. Mass spectrometry extends the range of access to the purity of essential oils. It is possible to detect non-aromatic components such as heavy metals or other contaminants that cannot be detected by the gas chromatography procedure. The combination of the gas chromatography and the mass spectrometry is referred to as GC / MS test (Gaschromatography/MassSpectrometry). The results are compared with historical databases and the final composition is evaluated. Then the samples are subjected to the spectrometry and microbial tests for the presence of hazardous substances such as yeast, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

A sensory test is going on in the end. It consists of taste, sight, touch, smell and even our feeling – intuition plays important role. An indispensable part of the CTEO quality verification is personal approach, knowledge and experiences of our experts with BEWIT essential oils.


Company BEWIT is not using nanotechnology in their products and processes. We agree with the scientific studies and the experts’ opinions that the harmlessness to human health is not considered as proven.



Company BEWIT never tested and is not testing its products on animals and will not ever do so in the future.


Company BEWIT is following the millennial tradition of pyramid power use. Own processes and technologies have been developed. We are proud that we can call and describe them with our trademark as BEWIT PYRAMIDIZED. We are using this knowledge to improve significantly the performance, quality, durability and efficiency in our products. Our aim is to provide the highest quality, safety and efficacy in our products for all customers.


Our expertise and increase of our know-how are provided by the continuous education, evaluation and by using the latest scientific knowledge and studies, building our own scientific databases and library and also via our medical and scientific corps of experts and professionals. Kaizen principles are consistently applied to all business processes.