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Niaouli (ethereal) essential oil


Origin of Niaouli

Green-flowered cajeput or also broad-leaved paperbrush. Native to Australia, this tree grows to 25 metres at maturity and its trunk reaches an incredible three metres. It is very popular due to its robustness and ability to shade in hot areas. Niaouli essential oil is extracted from young shoots by steam distillation.

Scent and aroma of Niaouli

When you sniff Niaouli, you immediately think of a very similar Tea tree, however after a while it develops into a more subtle and sweet note. Compared to the strong aroma of Tea tree, Niaouli essential oil is less medicinal. Its aroma is dominated by eucalyptus earthy notes with sweet fruity and balsamic notes.

Niaouli (ethereal) essential oil

Beneficial effects of Niaouli essential oil

Niaouli has a wide range of uses and its effects will be appreciated both in your rituals and at home. It has a beneficial effect on the psyche, has a stimulating effect and is suitable for anyone who needs a boost and a kick. Its penetrating but delicate fragrance has a harmonising and soothing effect. At the same time, it is antibacterial, cleanses and promotes relaxation. It can help with relaxation when dealing with pollen, hair, grasses or viruses. Its power and properties can also be used to help heal wounds and scratches, making Niaouli a suitable and gentle aid in daily routines to combat skin disorders. It tackles dirt and tones at the same time. How do you incorporate Niaouli into your routine and can you use it everywhere?

Uses of Niaouli

Niaouli is similar to Tea tree, but as mentioned, it is more delicate, gentler and does not have such a strong medicinal scent. It can be used in several ways:

Aromatherapy with Niaouli

During aromatherapy, small molecules of essential oils are transferred to the limbic system in the brain and have a positive effect on your decision-making, mood and overall psychological well-being. Add a few drops to an ultrasonic diffuser and scent the whole room or make your own inhalation stick for your pocket. Niaouli will also be very effective on a plate diffuse, for example in a car or in a cupboard.

Niaouli (ethereal) essential oil

Insect bites

Niaouli essential oil is very helpful with its soothing effects when visiting nature, where you can easily get stung by insect bites or stings.


Essential oil of Niaouli can be added to a carrier oil and used for massage. Essential oils contain small molecules that penetrate the skin into the cells with the help of carrier oils. Niaouli has a relaxing effect and can be a good help to overcome abdominal discomfort.

Cleaning and cleansing the area

Niaouli impresses with its antimicrobial effects and perfectly complements household cleaning in a natural way. You can add Niaouli essential oil to your cleaning products and make your cleaning more pleasant with an organic fragrance full of cleanliness and freshness.

Niaouli (ethereal) essential oil

It repels insects.

The aroma and scent of Niaouli not only repels mosquitoes, but it will also come in handy when walking through the woods or through tall grass where many ticks are lurking. Niaouli essential oil has insect repellent properties.

Toning and soothing

Niaouli has a cleansing, yet soothing and toning effect. Therefore, it can be added to your favourite cleansing or caring cosmetics. Your skin will be clean and perfectly toned.

Niaouli and animals

The effects of Tea tree essential oil are no doubt great, but you cannot use it for sensitive animal organisms. They may irritate them. Niaouli essential oil comes from a tree very close to the Tea tree. The effects of the essential oils of these trees are similar, however Niaouli is much kinder and gentler and more suitable for animals. Niaouli is such a great substitute for Tea Tree essential oil and is safe for your four-legged pets.