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6+2 tips for how to treat stuffy nose and itchy eyes the natural way


It’s spring and you would like to enjoy it to the full. But – your body is telling you to stop. You sneeze, your nose runs and your eyes constantly itch. How to overcome the seasonal challenges without drugs from the pharmacy? We will give you some tips from nature that will relieve your troubles and give you spring optimism: read, spread, practice. 

6+2 tips for how to treat stuffy nose and itchy eyes the natural way

Achoo, spring is finally here!

The sun is warm, everything is budding and it smells like spring outside. And although you love this time of year, you can’t enjoy it despite excessive sneezing, scratchy throats and watery eyes. Did we get it right? Then we’ll ask you another question, and we promise it will be the last. When you say “purse”, do you automatically think “Shepherd’s purse”? If your answer is a double yes, or if this pun at least put a smile on your face, go on with an open mind – this is the reading for you. 

Natural and effective kit against seasonal ailments

To help you cope with your body’s overreaction to irritants, we’ve put together a handy Free Nose and Calm Eyes package. You will find the hope of gentle and effective relief in the form of an aroma diffuser, 6 essential oils in certified therapeutic grade and 2 vegan and raw BEWIT PRAWTEINS for internal use to support the holistic effect on deeper levels.

6+2 tips for how to treat stuffy nose and itchy eyes the natural way

Are your chronic seasonal problems mainly related to your respiratory tract? Then reach for 100% natural and pure essential oil Eucalyptus globulus. Its penetrating, refreshing and slightly herbal aroma will support your sinuses and help you breathe freely. Use this natural essential oil for inhalation with a diffuser during the day or for aromatherapy massages in the evening. Eucalyptus Globulus, along with other beneficial plants, is also a part of the BEWIT Colwit essential oil blend – which is recommended to massage the chest not only for seasonal discomfort, but whenever you feel fatigue and weakness, as if “something is creeping up on you”

TIP: Is your body sounding the alarm, but you can’t give it a proper rest? For quick relief from trouble at critical times, prepare a travelinhalation stick with a few drops of natural essential oil from theBEWIT Algblend.

6+2 tips for how to treat stuffy nose and itchy eyes the natural way

Draw wisdom and strength from nature

If you’re out of the woods, work on restoring your physical, mental and psychological balance with strengthening essential oils. Among these, there are two of our blends, the Bodyguard and the Inner Child. 

The first of them, BEWIT Bodyguard with menthol aroma, will strengthen your body resilience and vitality – for example in the form of supportive foot massages, which will become your daily personal ritual and the right energy shield for you.

We have chosen BEWIT Inner Child as a second supportive blend for coping with seasonal afflictions because of its cleansing power, on the psychological and spiritual levels. Just a few drops in your aroma diffuser and you will be immersed in an energy of safety, acceptance and understanding in which you can begin to uncover your old, dysfunctional beliefs and emotional patterns.

TIP: Health begins in the gut, as the famous ancient physician Hippocrates knew. Therefore, support your intestinal microbiome withthe blend of essential oils BEWIT Coldet – ideally with a regular abdominal massage.

6+2 tips for how to treat stuffy nose and itchy eyes the natural way

Get rid of the unpleasant “ALG” nuisance for good

Do you want to enhance the effect of essential oils and “catch your breath” once and for all? Incorporate natural supplements into your diet: gently processed vegan prawteins with cocoa beans rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vegetable fats and proteins, including beneficial essential oils, herbs, mushrooms and other micronutrients.

In case of your difficulties, we recommend BEWIT PRAWTEIN Alg to restore holistic harmony, supplemented with organic and raw aloe, coriander, nettle or even juniper – and also mentally and physically strengthening BEWIT PRAWTEIN Cordyceps Plus containing Ophiocordyceps sinensis, one of the most valued medicinal mushrooms of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Did you stay with us till the end? Then there is only one thing to do: wish you “Cheers” and “Bon appetit”! Thank you in advance for every shared experience with the set of natural helpers for free nose and calm eyes. May it be to the benefit of all.