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BEWIT Himalayan black salt, finely ground

A superfood

BEWIT Himalayan Black Salt Fine

Discover a sensible alternative to the classic salt, which you will appreciate as much as the old gourmets.

Taste: salty, specifically sulphurous, reminiscent of the taste of fresh eggs

Use: flavouring dishes

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Do you enjoy healthy eating and like to create original flavour combinations in your kitchen?

Rely on our 100% pure and natural, gently processed salt from the foothills of the Himalayas.

It contains a variety of important minerals and trace elements.

The beautiful colour and colourful shades are given by iron in combination with other elements.

Thanks to the sulphur, it also has an unmistakable original flavour.

It not only adds salt, but also enhances and makes all savoury dishes more special.

Take inspiration from Indian cuisine and make chutneys, or unique pickles, then try adding a few grains to a cold drink in the summer .

Experiment and turn even the most ordinary salad into a gourmet experience.

Add a new dimension to your kitchen.


  • 100% pure and natural salt
  • Reasonable alternative to classic salt
  • Contains a variety of minerals and trace elements
  • It has an original flavour
  • Processed gently and without chemical treatments

Instructions for use

Seasoning of dishes

Use like regular salt to flavour any dish.
Sodium chloride (salt) is present in a wide range of foods, which is why we recommend using no more than 5 g of our Himalayan salt per day to flavour your food.


Himalayan black edible salt

Country of origin


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BEWIT Himalayan black salt, finely ground

A superfood

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