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Improve concentration and memory with natural products | Tips not only for students


Do you have tough exams coming up? Do you have a student at home that you would like to support in their studying? Have you started to forget more often? Try the natural holistic way of aromatherapy combined with appropriate herbal supplements. Not only will you boost your concentration and long-term memory, but also your overall fitness. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

When the mind is exhausted...

One learns throughout life. But sometimes there is a period when more accumulates. Exams, recovering from illness, new job. It's usually at times like this that we start to push ourselves. We are trying to handle and grasp everything, to work even harder and to do our best. But then it often happens that the effect is quite the opposite. We feel that we are running out of breath, our motivation is low and we have just enough energy to crawl into bed...

Improve concentration and memory with natural products | Tips not only for students

A clear, clean and relaxed head - the basis of every learning

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle, then in these more challenging times you are probably looking for a natural way to boost your cognitive abilities. Aromatherapy throws an effective lifeline. Among the essential oils that support thinking, learning and remembering, one is particularly effective: especially because it can boost energy and strengthen the intellect.

This is essential oil of lemon in therapeutic quality, which will refresh you overall, clear your mind and stimulate your mental abilities. It can be especially helpful when you need to strengthen your alertness, sharpen your focused awareness , and relieve your head which becomes heavy or even uncomfortable under the onslaught of new knowledge. In addition, a few drops of lemon oil in the BEWIT Sphere diffuser can quickly dispel emotional fears, irritability, doubts and worries like "what if I can't handle it". 

TIP: Do you wear glasses and constantly have smudges on them? Make your own natural glass cleaner: just mix 5 drops of lemon essential oil with 10 ml of alcohol and pour into a spray bottle.

Improve concentration and memory with natural products | Tips not only for students

Natural essential oil blends for sharp minds

Do you find yourself trying to focus on something, repeating information or a task over and over in your mind, but your mind is blank? Strengthen your concentration and memory without gallons of coffee or other stimulants. Thanks to the balanced combination of herbs in the form of 100% pure and natural blends of CTEO® Learning, Memory and Creativity essential oils, you will learn more easily, feel a burst of energy and even experience uplifting "aha moments" .

What are the differences and which essential oil blend is right for you?

1. BEWIT Learning will help you to increase your learning efficiency, concentration, clarity of thought and performance during your demanding studies. This essential blend will support your ability to read the text with comprehension and speed up the absorption and retention of new knowledge, especially theoretical knowledge. It is suitable for students, schoolchildren and those undergoing retraining or job training.

2. BEWIT Memory is a blend formulated specifically to support both short and long term memory. It has a positive effect on the ability of logical thinking and conscious concentration. It is suitable if you are experiencing symptoms of impaired attention, distractibility, fatigue, low self-confidence or doubts about your intellectual abilities. It is recommended not only for students, but also for seniors and people who want to support their recovery after various challenging events

3. BEWIT Creativity comes in handy when you need to boost creativity, imagination, finding new solutions and spontaneity. It will inspire in you a belief in the limitlessness of your creative potential, the gift of vision and optimism. This blend will be appreciated not only by students looking for a muse or courage for their independent projects, but also by people who have an artistic or creative profession or often have to step out of their comfort zone.

TIP: Do you want to reward yourself after a hard study? Give yourself a pampering ritual with a self-made massage blend with BEWIT Essential Base Oil.

Improve concentration and memory with natural products | Tips not only for students

Chocolate? Yes, just a little different 

When your head gets busy, it's a good idea to lighten it with healthy food - especially if you spend most of your time studying. Include in your diet, in addition to high-quality and optimally balanced foods, plant-based PRAWTEINS B-Inand Omega Synergy from cocoa beans, which are similar in consistency and taste to chocolate .

BEWIT PRAWTEIN B-In contains, among other things, extracts of buds and seaweed, CTEO® essential oils, turmeric, rose hip, nettle and other ingredients that strengthen mental function, attention, concentration and memory. The second product to support creative learning is BEWIT PRAWTEIN Omega Synergy enriched with hemp and flax seed, seaweed, avocado and sacha inchi oil. We produce these dietary supplements in the Czech Republic in an extremely gentle way, so that they are in BIO and RAW quality and not only taste good, but most importantly, help. 

Improve concentration and memory with natural products | Tips not only for students

5 things to take with you on your journey to conscious learning

1. With essential oil of'll get your brain churning in no time.
2. Being clear, goal-oriented, andeffective in your studies
- all of these are best helped by the BEWIT Learning Essential Blend.
If you want to have a "memory", to stop forgetting the important things and to retain knowledge more easily even without laborious memorization, reach for the BEWIT Memory essential oil blend.
4. Even creativity can be stimulated in a healthy way. BEWIT Creativity blend will give you inspiration and vision.
5. Cocoa beans will boost your mind and overall fitness: try them in the form of PRAWTEINS: a "new generation chocolate" with additional beneficial nutrients that you can enjoy with no regret.

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