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I asked the Universe and within 2 days it was ready


The nomad wasn’t born, the nomad woke up. Katarina Soleil is the author of NOMAD

FROM THE STARS. The same name is also carried by the perfume, which she created

in collaboration with BEWIT. Artist, inspirator, counselor and art therapist. In short, a woman

who will guide you to the Flowering of Joy and Life in the Body. We talked about connecting

her life in Dalmatia, Croatia, along with her business through the Wellbeing programme.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Katarina Soleil

Please share why did you chose BEWIT for your collaboration?

BEWIT chose me. It was 2019, when I was already creating with herbs, I had been sharing with people for years, creating paintings, the book Rozkvet about living food and natural harmonisation was published, my path was clear… After two years on the road with the caravan, where Nomad from the Stars was written, I returned to Slovakia and sold the caravan. The question arose in me - how can I be even more beneficial to the whole,

i.e. also to nature, to people, to the earth, to life, with all my qualities, and at the same time naturally maintain my life essence, i.e. the joy of creating? I knew that I could only create with what I was fully in tune with. No more compromises. I have always been concerned with inner honesty and purity that is itself high-frequency, and at the same time, in conjunction with my skills I could joyfully create with Him in manifestation and contribution to people and the Consciousness of the Whole… I literally "asked the Creator" to show me the way and the form where He wanted me to be, with all that He had given me, to be most beneficial

to Him - for my potential here on earth. Well, within two days of that decision (which happened exactly at Christmas), I received an e-mail from Jirka Černota (the founder of BEWIT) out of the blue about the cooperation. I was not surprised, but touched. The Universe reaffirmed the natural regularity - when opening to Flow brings clarity

and potentials in manifestation… With gratitude and interest in what I, as the "One Universe" myself, bring to the possibilities of manifestation, I followed this thread of light between us, we texted for over five hours that very day, and I knew that YES, I did. Well, that’s where it all started… Or actually, I think even earlier than that, for all of us here on Earth -

somewhere in the ether.

We know you have a comparison. What differences do you see with the BEWIT Wellbeing Programme?

For me, quality (frequency) and manner (manifestation) are equally important in living. I see

them as being inseparable. Choosing actions with the best products, in freedom and in armony with your sense of life and with your inner self. All of this is combined into one. Whether I "need" something was my main and first question when Jiří brought me the oils. In BEWIT I clearly appreciate that "I don’t have to - I can". The rhythm, like the breath and the pulse of the Cosmos… In this I perceive the power of BEWIT, the real living power that comes from the subtlety of one’s own inner connection of each person in the BEWIT garden, who alone, in a space of peace and co-creation, allows themselves to work and act. Even this approach cultivates ourselves, the atmosphere of calmness, of deciding through feeling and inner impulses, produces much greater effects on creativity and subsequent manifestations in matter. It is as if a child grows up in an environment of love and security, of the best nourishment, of acceptance of who he is, so that he can peacefully develop into his natural talents and qualities. BEWIT is like a family to me, with that attitude. It also resonates strongly with me that the "business" with Bewit is "hereditary". The heartwarming feeling that my son can naturally continue to create through the tools we use together to make the world, and the world of humanity on earth, flourish.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Katarina Soleil

I feel that it is the company’s openness to healthy inspiration and co-creation with all of us, through Jiří, that defines that "otherness" and is a significant asset of BEWIT. At the same time, this will outperform companies that, perhaps with good products, but with a burdened rigourous system, will reach a certain limit. Life has no such boundary, it is infinite and creative, and through attunement to Flux, it finds pathways in co-creation and potential for everyone. And that’s the quality of a "BEWIT personal franchise".

How do you most often use our products?

Joyfully! And gratefully. I always look forward whenever a package arrives, when I can also donate, recommend, share… When I can also through the visions and creative inspirations that flow to me, create together with BEWIT completely new paths and forms, such as "Inspired by a Woman", where the perfume Nomad of the Stars has subsequently been joined by many other fragrances, connected to the stories of inspiring women and men, or a new project connected to my beloved ocean and seas…

I appreciate how Jiří listens not only to his intuition, but also to the intuition of the rest of us; everything is made of the One Spirit, and understanding and being open to this principle allows us to sound harmoniously in the tones of Creation together. The amazing thing for me is that I can reach into any corner of the BEWIT garden and always get my hands on the best, clear and pure. Essential oils, cold-pressed oils, and cosmetics, and all products… All in one place. I perceive that by setting ourselves up for authenticity and responsiveness, we are already creating and living the "better" world together. It holds us in that luminous thread of affection, respect and joy of life where everyone can joyfully be themselves and together that gift of togetherness creates "miracles".

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Katarina Soleil

What is your recipe for success?

To have reverence for the Creation and to realise in Him the value of the gift and of one’s own life. It’s inseparable. This is where real success begins - total success, which is defined by my state of happiness on earth, the awareness and joy of simply being alive. From here I am really deciding with a different quality how I will use my energy here.

In myself, I've mistaken the word "success" for "celebration of life," which actually happens naturally just by being. This way of wonder at life, of gratitude for it, I am already full, in every moment. And in this state it has also added to me "externally". The key is in ourselves and in remembering this Eternal Fullness. When I stay in my authentic flow, I naturally choose the activities and things I love, and so life is actually still creatively and self-consciously fulfilling.

This state within us affects everything around us and naturally helps other people to remember their own Gift of Life and the path of their own authenticity and creativity. And that it can be done. And that they can choose to call it to life again. And that even - this is what it is all about. To perceive, to breathe, the gift of feeling, sight, touch, the beauty of nature and planet Earth, to perceive the radiant inner creativity springing from the inspiration of Spirit and to be amazed to discover its beautiful manifestations in oneself and to other people. Nomad from the Stars put it this way: "Follow the living Wisdom, and your Cup will always be full."

Does BEWIT allow you to live the life you desire? Is it possible to get enough income and thus as much of the necessary freedom?

If we allow it in ourselves, the world will allow it in us. The principle of resonance - like attracts like. Frequency shapes form. Spirit animates matter. The fact that we are meeting here, that you are even reading this article, is an expression of a belief, even if unconsciously, in a high quality of life, and I feel that all of us who are in this garden have already made that choice.

BEWIT is a gift for me, an "extension" of my release into the essence, into a life of miracles… I allowed myself to do this in the first place, in the little things, in living the moments, I felt that this is how it has always been and is… BEWIT and the gifts associated with it, not only financial, but also deep conscious relationships, new encounters, possibilities, potentials, creativity… All of this as a whole is a natural manifestation in the material realm, literally the crown and reward of this inner joyful alignment, which at some point I finally decided to allow myself to live it (and that it took me many years to do so) and even the challenging moments, I trust to happen. And even if one intuitively arrives at a good manifested collaboration, without understanding the principles head on, it can also help one to grow inwardly towards oneself. No energy is wasted and heartfelt sincere intentions create a good world.

I perceive that by connecting - by understanding that living life in the flow of life energy that makes me happy and happy is the right path for a person who so honours their place in the Universe. We are thereby taking perhaps the greatest step towards living the life "we desire". A full Life IS already "granted" to us. After all, we are alive. And on the word " acceptance" and "freedom" - when I open up/realise and consciously and even joyfully accept/feel/keep the life essence within me, everything manifested "out there" is a natural following of it. Let us call freedom, then, the state of authentic living 'Flow' in man, the source, the clarity, the full breath already now, in the present, and so the release from the limitation of looking at life as "matter and flesh," "commands, prohibitions, or decrees," anything boundedly mundane. It is that expansion of consciousness that suddenly shows that nothing else than this natural state actually exists… Yes, on earth, in matter, so co-creating with BEWIT gives an outlet to my creativity and thus further joy. See the possibility to live anywhere in the world, I personally am on Sunny Island in Dalmatia, or even for example to create a video for the book and the perfume Nomad of the Stars… and other creative endeavours.

Do you have something to say to our readers?

Here I will mention QUATTUOR FRANKINCENSE - it was love at first smell, in it, for me, is the principle of BEWIT and living that sought after "new earth". Frankincense, every single one of those four species by itself has a high frequency. But together, in connection, they get even "higher". And this is what BEWIT is about for me and life itself - GIVING, manifesting and using one’s gifts and potentials - when if not NOW?

Giving to the Creator - to Life - i.e. to myself, through myself, the "best" of myself and rejoicing in the very breath of being alive. Not giving "forcibly" - it’s a natural happening, without effort - just being and not stopping yourself from enjoying being here. Together, by sharing and co-creating, through our qualities, through our nature, authentic living and inspiration flowing from the space of Silence, in conjunction with the pure essences of plants and herbs, beings and light essences and tones that sound the Cosmos, even here on planet Earth, we are instigating the transformation, the blossoming, the growth and the beauty of life to the heights that it is humanity’s destiny to live. Man lives in the Garden of Life on Earth, which is a treasury of innumerable species and manifestations of living wonder. And man is at the same time the one who can be the most amazed by himself, out of emotion, and with his joy and amazement "return" to the Creator the message that the Creation is good… beautiful and perfect. And by this subtle feeling, man himself becomes more subtle, returns to the state of Love, and thus touches the Creation in a new, or better - in the most natural way… with his emotion. And this is the way of Life. I love to "bring to earth" new potentials and creative ways, inspirations from the "light spheres", to support and connect the unique potentials in people and places, in material products, in co-feeling with the planet, with other beings, and thus to create a "better beautiful world". Actually, by doing that, by being that, it’s already alive. And BEWIT complements and enables me to do the whole thing beautifully. I have a lively little one’s joy about it why we are here for that. That "good harmonious world" begins within ourselves. Our actions and sheer instruments in matter give birth to it into manifestation. Thank you for that.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Katarina Soleil

Katarina Soleil

Residence: Dalmatia, Croatia

The most popular BEWIT product: Anything by BEWIT

Part of BEWIT FAMILY from: 01/2019