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When something special comes into your life


Free and easy registration opens up the opportunity for you to become a member of the

BEWIT Family. With this comes the opportunity to not only buy healthy and proven BEWIT

products, but also to actively recommend them and thus help yourself and the people

around you. As an active member of the BEWIT Family, you automatically become part

of the Wellbeing Programme. This opens up the opportunity to develop your own

independent business. The kind of business that helps you increase your well-being.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Viera Svarinska

Please share why did you choose BEWIT for your collaboration?

Because for me BEWIT meets all the requirements of a truly free enterprise with the possibility of earning a passive income. I like the fact that the company is ours - Czech, carries a beautiful Slavic energy and strength and is built on transparent foundations.

It has timeless, quality products that will find a place in every family. And a very simple and well-duplicated business system based on a free personal franchise.

We know you have comparisons to other businesses. What do you see as the main differences and what makes the BEWIT Wellbeing programme exceptional?

The BEWIT Wellbeing programme is truly exceptional - for me - for a woman, as if it was

tailor-made. The gist of it is that at BEWIT I am paid to use BEWIT products and I am happy to share my experience with them with my friends and acquaintances. I forwarded them the unique link I got through the free registration, and that’s it. Basically, I’m just doing what many of us do on a daily basis - recommend something to someone - with the caveat that in a regular store, no one will pay us for the recommendation/advertisement. At BEWIT, it’s up to 30% discount even on repeat purchases. In the past, I have done business with a well-known American company in this area of marketing. The pressure to perform

was enormous and that was every month. For me as a woman, and a mother, after a while it became unbearable. After 5 years I quit working with them and said MLM never again. For the next 5 years I resisted all offers and it was worth it. BEWIT came into my life two years ago and I am pleased to say that for a reason. I am very thankful for it.

How do you most often use our products?

Probably in every possible way. They are a daily part of my life, whether through inhalation,

body application, internal use, aromatherapy baths… Thanks to my knowledge of the history

of aromatherapy and personal experience, I am convinced that essential oils are an integral

part of holistic medicine. For the preservation of health in today’s world, it is imperative to know about them.

What is your recipe for success?

I have a passion for what I do and I like to talk about it. People love stories, emotions,  xperiences. And I think you are constantly discovering new experiences with BEWIT products, there is always something new to talk about. What we pay attention to grows. So success is guaranteed, it’s just a matter of time and a measure of courage to overcome our personal challenges that we use to prevent ourselves from succeeding.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Viera Svarinska

Does BEWIT allow you to live the life you desire? Is it possible to obtain sufficient income and thus much needed freedom?

To the question I will answer unequivocally YES. Freedom is about as important to me as the oxygen I breathe. And if I’m constrained by anything in doing business with BEWIT, I’m not there. Today I know that the amount of my income is a reflection of my self-love and self-worth. So, if there is a strong and stable company background, a great product,

a brilliantly working business model, the ability to expand globally, time and creative freedom - on whom does the income limit depend?

Do you, Vierka, have something to say to our readers?

  1. Good things are happening.
  2. Everything is.
  3. We don’t have time to spend time.

BEWIT Wellbeing ambasador Viera Svarinska

Viera Svarinská

Residence: Záhorie, Slovakia

The most popular product of BEWITWhite Rose Essential Oil

Part of BEWIT FAMILY from: 01/2020