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BEWIT Spray bottle dispenser GL 18, diameter 2,5 mm

A bottle with a handy atomiser to create the finest mist to add freshness. Use in cosmetics and in the kitchen.

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Sprayer for bottle

Use the atomiser throughout the home – in the kitchen when making salad dressings using cold-pressed vegetable oils, when disinfecting and scenting shoes (using the „BEWIT SHOES“[…bewit-shoes/]essential oil blend: ), when making home air fresheners, etc.

It is also of practical use in cosmetics in the production of breath fresheners (e.g. mint hydrolate, „DENT“[…/bewit-dent/]essential oil blend: ), skin fresheners on sultry days (e.g. mint essential water, cucumber oiland „lemon“ essential oil ) or deodorant production (e.g. rose essential water, baking soda, alcohol and BEWIT GOLD DEO).

The atomiser is supplied with a black cap and is suitable for 5–200 ml bottles, type GL 18.

We recommend buying tubes suitable lengths from our offer.


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BEWIT Spray bottle dispenser GL 18, diameter 2,5 mm

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