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BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement
BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 1 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 2 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 3 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 4 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 5 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 6 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 7 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 8 BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 - Food supplement - 9
100% pure and natural


Food supplement


Prawtein SUPER D3 and K2 enriched with vitamin D3 and through fermented Natto soybeans with vitamin K2 is a natural supplement providing prevention, support and vitality. The powerful combination of vitamins along with other superfoods co-creates an extraordinarily supportive natural dietary supplement.

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The basis of PRAWTEIN
Organic, RAW fermented unroasted cocoa beans
Omega complex (BIO, RAW algae) - macerate
Dried cane juice (BIO Panela, Rapadura)
Gemma complex (BIO) - extract from tree buds
CTEO® Essential oils
Light a gold essence

PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 with synergistic interaction of vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D doesn't have to be just a benefit of sunshine. [1,2] It can also be supplemented in another, very pleasant, chocolate-like form. Prawtein enriched with vitamin D3 is a great alternative to ensure sufficient intake. A valuable ingredient is also **fermented Natto soybeans, a traditional Japanese dish. [3,4].


Power for your life

Together with the exquisite Maca, cat's claw, frankincense and other ingredients, prawtein SUPER D3 + K2 is a great, all-natural supplement . Natto fermented soybeans in general contain up to 100 times more vitamin K2 than other fermented products.


Cocoa beans – the irreplaceable basis in all of the Prawtein range.

The basic ingredient of Prawtein is 100% natural ORGANIC RAW fermented non – roasted cocoa beans. After drying in the sun, these cocoa beans are stripped of their skins and crushed into nibs. These are then ground with the other ingredients into a uniform mass – the resulting Prawtein – in the gentlest way possible.

Non – roasted cocoa beans themselves are an important source of not only a wide range of vitamins, minerals and valuable phytonutrients, but also quality cocoa butter, plant proteins and effective antioxidants. In addition, cocoa beans of this quality are the best natural source of large amounts of easily digestible magnesium and the necessary organic sulphur.


Seaweed and plant bud extracts

ORGANIC RAW OMEGA COMPLEX enriches the composition of the product with valuable, easily absorbed extracts from ORGANIC certified seaweed. These are sourced from the west coast of Ireland, the cleanest waters of the North Atlantic. Extracts from the buds, which are part of the ORGANIC RAW GEMMA COMPLEX, complement the product's com­position with substances involved in the protection and construction of new plant systems.

Together with certified CTEO® essential oils, dried herbs, exceptional superfoods and natural sweeteners, our Prawteins represent a completely unique product of the highest possible quality.


11 reasons to choose PRAWTEIN SUPER D3 PLUS K2

  1. The formula is supplemented with vitamin D3 and soybean natto.
  2. The product will 100% delight all vegetarians and vegans.
  3. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients of the highest quality.
  4. It does not contain any synthetic colouring, fillers, stabilisers,…
  5. Most of the ingredients are ORGANIC RAW certified quality and many also come from the wild.
  6. The herbs and buds are hand-picked at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains and dried in the sun.
  7. Contains CTEO® therapeutic grade essential oils.
  8. Process temperatures do not exceed 42°C, which is the most gentle processing method known to date.
  9. It is produced in small batches in our production plant in Ostrava.
  10. Cultivation, production, testing and inspection involve a high proportion of manual labour.
  11. Each Prawtein is produced with love and tender care by all involved.


Prawtein is still living

Gentle handling, 100% natural raw materials and low processing temperatures. This is the combination that keeps the Prawtein with maximum amount of vital enzymes = still alive.

Evidence of this vitality can be seen in the slight enzymatic changes in texture and aroma. This is despite the fact that the composition of the Prawteins is completely unchanged… Even in the wild, these changes are natural and desirable.

Every Prawtein is completely safe. It is helped by naturally occurring antioxidants, a high proportion of quality fats and essential substances with a self-preserving activity.


Without tempering and with patina on the surface

In order to comply with the RAW product principles, the so-called tempering is omitted during production. This usually takes place at temperatures of around 47 °C or more. The cocoa butter then naturally forms relatively stable, sharp-edged crystals and the partially released fat can rise to the surface of the product = patina.

Each Prawtein contains different ingredients that can colour the resulting patina in different shades**. However, these are not at all detrimental.

  • Beige shades – superfoods, such as maca peruviana, carob,…
  • Green shades – herbs (Gynostemma pentaphyllum, stinging nettle,…) or seaweeds (saw palmetto, Atlantic spirulina,…).
  • And other colour shades that vary depending on the type of Prawtein.


A completely unique production of Prawteins

BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® products fulfil all RAW principles – with the most environmentally friendly technology of today, we regulate the temperature of the production process so that it does not exceed 42°C. This prevents the loss of valuable, heat-labile substances and naturally occurring enzymes = no unnecessary degradation of the final product.

We have designed the composition of the Prawteins themselves so that not a single pinch of stabilisers, artificial colourings, fillers and other synthetic substances are needed. We have based our development and production on the latest science, current scientific studies and procedures, as well as the experience of our ancestors. We also adhered to the principles of SPAGYRIA – perfect plant processing techniques that are not commonly practiced.

An essential part are also completely unique elements LIGHT ESSENCE and GOLD ESSENCE, which we use 24k gold in their production. However, the precise manufacturing processes are a BEWIT® trade secret.



One to two small (espresso) „spoonfuls“ 3 times a day. The neck of the bottle was chosen so that a spoon larger than an espresso spoon would not pass through it.



  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • This product is not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.
  • Store dry, protect from heat.



  • ORGANIC RAW Theobroma Cacao / Cacao bean
  • ORGANIC RAW OMEGA COMPLEX (Fucus Serratus / Toothed wrack, Fucus Vesiculosus / Bladder wrack, Ascophyllum Nodosum / Rockweed, Pelvetia Canaliculata / Channelled wrack, Laminaria Japonica / Sweet kelp, Himanthalia Elongata / Thongweed, Ulva Spiralis / Atlantik Spirulina, Saccharina Latissima / Sugar kelp, Alaria Esculenta / Winged kelp, Carrageenan / Carrageenan, Palmaria Palmata / Dillisk, ORGANIC Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil / ORGANIC sunflower oil)
  • ORGANIC Jaggery / Dried sugar cane juice
  • ORGANIC RAW Ceratonia Siliqua / Carob
  • RAW Boswellia Serrata gum resin / Frankincense resin
  • ORGANIC RAW Helianthus Annuus Seed / Sunflower Seed
  • ORGANIC RAW Lepidium Meyenii / Peruvian ginseng, (Maca)
  • ORGANIC RAW Urtica Dioica / Stinging nettle
  • Uncaria Tomentosa / Cat's Claw
  • RAW Withania Somnifera / Ashwagandha, (Winter cherry)
  • RAW Gynostemma Pentaphyllum / Jiaogulan
  • ORGANIC RAW Natto / Raw material produced by fermentation of soybeans
  • ORGANIC Sambucus Nigra Fruit / European elderberries
  • RAW Schizandra Chinensis / Schizandra
  • BIO RAW GEMMA COMPLEX (Castanea Sativa Mill. Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene kaštanovníku setého, Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene buku lesního, Prunus Avium Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene třešně obecné, Prunus Cerasus L. Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene višně obecné, Juglans Regia L. Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene ořechu vlašského, Malus Domestica Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene jabloně domácí, Tilia Cordata Bud Extract / Extrakt z pupene lípy srdčité, BIO Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil / Slunečnicový olej, BIO Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil / Levandule esenciální olej)
  • ORGANIC RAW Syzygium Aromaticum / Cloves
  • RAW Cannabis Sativa Seed / Hemp seed
  • RAW Nigella Sativa Essential Oil / Black Cumin Essential Oil
  • Boswellia Serrata Essential Oil / Frankincense essential oil
  • ORGANIC RAW Citrus Sinensis Peel Essential Oil / Red Orange Essential Oil
  • Grifola Frondosa / Maitake, (Hen of the woods)
  • Auricularia Auricula-Judae / Judas's Ear
  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
  • ORGANIC Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil (ORGANIC GOLD ESSENCE)
  • ORGANIC Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil (ORGANIC LIGHT ESSENCE)



  • Soybeans



[1] KUWABARA, A., K. TANAKA, N. TSUGAWA, H. NAKASE, H. TSUJI, K. SHIDE a M. KAMAO. High prevalence of vitamin K and D deficiency and decreased BMD in inflammatory bowel disease. Osteoporosis International. 2009, (20), 935–942.

[2] GRANT, William B. a Michael F. HOLICK. Benefits and Requirements of Vitamin D for Optimal Health: A Review. Alternative Medicine Review. 2005, 10(2), 94–96.

[3] KATSUYAMA, Hironobu, Seiji IDEGUCHI, Masao FUKUNAGA, Kiyofumi SAIJOH a Shigeo SUNAMI. Usual Dietary Intake of Fermented Soybeans (Natto) Is Associated with Bone Mineral Density in Premenopausal Women. Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology. 2002, (48), 207–215.

[4] WEBER, Peter. Vitamin K and bone health. Nutrition. 2001, 17(10), 880–887.


  per serving** % RHP* per serving** In max. daily dose*** %* in max. daily dose***
Vitamin D3 1,2 μg 24 % 3,6 μg 72 %

% RHP* = Reference intake value per day for vitamins and minerals (for adults)

** one serving = 6 g

*** maximum daily dose = 18 g

European Parliament regulations do not allow us to make unapproved health claims on products. This is not even possible where these health claims are confirmed by scientific studies. It is also not possible to make health claims here in the context of personal experience and references. We therefore refer you to other sources for more detailed information.

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Jaroslava Slováková
01.11.2021 19:35

První setkání s firmou Bewit byla láska na první pohled :) do jejich prawteinů jsem se vážně zamilovala, mezi mé favority patří: BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 – když jsem si přečetla co obsahuje, tak jsem byla více než nadšená: výtažek z pupenů…

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Technology and production process

100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


  per serving** % RHP* per serving** In max. daily dose*** %* in max. daily dose***
Vitamin D3 1,2 μg 24 % 3,6 μg 72 %

% RHP* = Reference intake value per day for vitamins and minerals (for adults)

** one serving = 6 g

*** maximum daily dose = 18 g


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Jaroslava Slováková

První setkání s firmou Bewit byla láska na první pohled :) do jejich prawteinů jsem se vážně zamilovala, mezi mé...

První setkání s firmou Bewit byla láska na první pohled :) do jejich prawteinů jsem se vážně zamilovala, mezi mé favority patří: BEWIT® PRAWTEIN® SUPER D3 PLUS K2 – když jsem si přečetla co obsahuje, tak jsem byla více než nadšená: výtažek z pupenů stromů (pupeny stromů obsahují mimořádně hodnotné látky, které se v jiné části rostliny nevyskytují, zahrnují široké spektrum hormonů, enzymů, minerálů, stopové prvky, vitaminy a další látky), omega komplex z bio raw řas, bio raw Natto a bio raw Macu!! Každé jaro již několik posledních let chodím do lesa uždibávat pupeny stromů, teď už můžu mít užitek z živých enzymů a minerálů po celých rok :) Nemusím už složitě shánět kvalitní Natto (fermentované sojové boby) ani suplementovat omegu, hořčík, vitamín D, všechno to mám v bio kvalitě v tomhle úžasném prawteinu ♥ a navíc u toho ještě mlsám :)) Dalším favoritem je BEWIT PRAWTEIN® MIRACLE, ten zase obsahuje mimo jiné moji oblíbenou kopřivu (sbírám si kopřivová semínka), konopné semínko, kurkumu i s potřebným pepřem (piperin, brání vstřebávání kurkuminu skrze střevní stěny. To může zvýšit jeho absorpci do oběhu až o 2000 % ), skořici, hřebíček.. úžasná kombinace nejen co do terapeutických účinků, ale i úžasná chuť :)) Prawteiny beru pravidelně už 4 měsíc, účinky jsem pozorovala opravdu hned po prvních dnech: zhubla jsem doteď 8 kg, protože tělo dostává kvalitní výživu, nemám chutě se dojídat, přestala jsem mít chuť na sladké, mám více energie, dokonce jsem musela upravit dávkování, protože jsem se budila ve 4 ráno, což nelibě nesl můj manžel :)) (ze začátku jsem brala ráno, v poledne a odpoledne 1 mocca lžičku, teď beru ráno nalačno dvě pořádné mocca lžičky) Zlepšila se mi kvalita pleti i vlasů (tyhle benefity jsou i díky jejich holistické kosmetice ♥) a vymizely noční křeče. Takže za mě můžu s čistým svědomím doporučit užívání prawteinu úplně každému, kdo si chce zlepšit zdraví a celkovou kondici

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