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BEWIT Nebuliser diffuser DROP, wooden

Waterless diffuser

Nebuliser diffuser with wooden base and glass bottle, automatic shut-off, 7 adjustable color LED backlight, operating time max 2 h, recommended room size up to 30 m².

  • Only essential oils (without water) are added to the diffuser.

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BEWIT Nebuliser diffuser DROP, wooden

A fragrant oasis in a few moments

Just add 15–30 drops of selected essential oils to 300 ml of water and your room will become a pleasantly fragrant oasis. The two-nozzle technology allows the essential oil to disperse in a flash without water into the surroundings. Very **fast even large rooms are scented and the fragrance is **very intense.

The diffuser can also be used as a lamp. The scented mist will help strengthen your sense of cleanliness in the surrounding space. Thanks to the combination of therapeutic functionality and beautiful design, it is a welcome addition to any interior, which can also serve as a suitable gift for your family or friends.

LED backlight and shutdown timer

It has adjustable LED backlight with 7 colours and a sleep timer. The diffuser has automatic shutdown after 2 hours, which equals four cycles (the diffuser runs for 10 minutes and then automatically stops for 20 minutes = one cycle). Operating hours are maximum 2 hours.

The backlight cannot be regulated, the colors alternate gradually.

Only essential oils are added to the nebulising diffuser without water and diffusion is due to it is very intense. Recommended for rooms up to 30 m². The device may be slightly warm during use. It does not affect its proper functioning.

Companion not only at home

The diffuser is suitable for beauty salons, spa and yoga centres, but also for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, toilets, offices, hotels, hospitals or any other private or public space.

Nebulisation technology

Nebulisation technology makes it possible for spraying essential oils as very tiny fine micro-particles, which are easily and quickly dispersed into the air and can be inhaled.

Glass container the aroma diffuser BEWIT DROP has two small tubes inside, the so-called integrated spray head. The undiluted essential oil itself enters the first tube by rising. Air is blown into the flask through the second tube of the integrated spray head. The tubes of the spray head are placed close to each other, and thanks to this, the air is blown directly against the essential oil. In this way, the essential oil is nebulised and tiny aromatic microparticles are dispersed into the room.

About 15–30 drops of pure natural essential oil are put into the diffuser. Add the essential oil along the inner wall of the mine. Do not let the essential oil run down the integrated spray head!

Ultrasonic technology does not heat the essential oil and preserves all its positive therapeutic effects.

Please note

The nebuliser diffuser does not create a mist.

Key Features

  • Only essential oils (without water) are added to the diffuser.
  • The essential oil is dispersed into the air in the form of extremely fine micro-particles.
  • Spraying technology allows the undiluted essential oil to disperse into the surrounding area in a flash.
  • Also suitable for large rooms up to 30 m².
  • Purifies the air to remove unwanted odours.
  • Quality materials and simple operation.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • It helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It can be an effective tool for insect control.
  • It helps break down residual smoke and eliminates the source of the smell.
  • It can act as an emotional stimulant to help calm you down and relieve you of excess stress.

Parameters and specifications

Material: wood, glass
Voltage: 12V 500 mA
Frequency: 50–60 Hz
** Operating time:** max 2 hours
Automatic shutdown: yes, after two hours
Backlight: alternating 7 colours
** Dimensions:** Ø 110 × 190 mm
** Weight of the diffuser:** 450 g
** Warranty:** 2 years
Package contents:diffuser, mains charger

Instructions for use

Detailed instructions for using and cleaning the diffuser can be downloaded using the DOWNLOAD tab. Instructions are also included with the diffuser in printed form.


BEWIT Nebuliser diffuser DROP, wooden

Waterless diffuser

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Marcelina Norek

Marcelina Norek

Polski PL (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Dyfuzor nebulizujący DROP, drewniany

A to moja perełka , moje kolejne dziecko które ślicznie wygląda, zaczynam dzień z jego użyciem wygląda elegancko, zapachy są cudowne, poprostu go uwielbiam 😍

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Kata Farkas

Kata Farkas

Magyar HU (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT DROP Porlasztós diffúzor (Nebulizátor), fa

Elegáns letisztult formás kis készülék. Nekem ez az első száraz diffúzorom. Az ajánlott cca 20 csepp illóolaj több kétórás ciklusra elegendő, tehát gazdaságosnak mondanám! Az illat intenzívebb, és gyorsan terjed. Azt tapasztalom, hogy a citrus illók illatát jobban kiemeli, felerősíti. Például míg a vizes diffúzorban a fenyő el szokta nyomni a mandarint, addig ebben a fenyő helyett a citrust éreztem intenzívebben. Hangosabb a motorja miatt, de ez köztudott a porlasztós technika miatt.

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+ 14