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BEWIT Replacement filter for inhalation stick

The replacement filter for the inhalation stick allows you to replace one essential oil with another.

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Replacement filter for inhalation stick

If you decide to change your essential oil in your inhalation stick, you can do it by using this new replacement filter.

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BEWIT Replacement filter for inhalation stick

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Oksana Ogorodnikovova

Oksana Ogorodnikovova

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BEWIT Nosný inhalátor - náhradný filter

Využitie EO v domácnosti: Náhradné filtre používam nielen do nosného inhalátora, ale takisto ich dávam do vrecka vysávača. Nakvapkam citrón alebo borovicu 5 kvapiek. Naozaj šetrné a ekologické.

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