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Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Nourishing, melting, pleasantly soft – that's what apricot kernel oil is. The perfect ingredient for fruit salads, spreads, marinades and other cold dishes.

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100% pure and natural Ahinsa Laboratory tested Produced with Love Vegan

100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


Our ethical approach is based on respect for all living things = we have not, do not and will never in the future test our products on animals.

Laboratory tested

We check the exact composition and quality of essential oils at a unique level in our laboratory in Ostrava. For more information on the methods by which we discover the secrets of these unique gifts of nature, se you could find out here

Did you know that you can download the oil analysis on the tab of each product, under the „Downloads“ tab? Or just take a look at the a sample example ofPalmarosa essential oil.

Produced with Love

The product has been developed and produced in an atmosphere of love, harmony and with intent of giving benefit to all who use it.


This product is suitable for vegans. At no stage during development, testing or production of this item were animal or dairy products used.


Our cold-pressed, ORGANIC certified apricot kernel oil has a pleasantly mild taste and melts on the tongue. It is perfect for fruit salads, spreads, marinades and many other cold dishes where it adds a smooth and appealingly full flavour.


A trusted component of many culture

Regardless of origin, apricots are an invaluable part of many cultures around the world. Even the Ancient Egyptians prepared their traditional drinks from the flesh of apricots. The English settlers, on the other hand, did not give up on the exceptional apricot oil, which they used internally and externally. And it is only thanks to the pioneering Greeks that we can enjoy them here in Europe.


Cold pressed

The apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) is a world-famous fruit tree native to China. The much appreciated apricot oil is extracted from the kernels of its fruit in the most gentle way, by cold pressing.


Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, bio-active compounds…

Apricot oil is composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acids, of which oleic acid (71,6 %) and the essential omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid (21,4 %) are the most abundant.

By keeping the pressing temperatures low and omitting the refining process, the maximum amount of valuable bio-active compounds, vitamins, provitamins and other beneficial substances are preserved in the oil.


For fruit salads, spreads, marinades…

Apricot oil is characterised by its pleasantly mild taste and melting consistency. It is perfect for fruit salads, spreads, marinades and many other cold dishes where it adds a smooth and appealingly full flavour.

You can also pour it over cold porridges, fruit dumplings and pancakes.



ø Nutrition facts

  Per 100 ml
Energy value 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
Fats 100 g
– of which saturates 6,0 g
– of which monounsaturated fatty acids 72,6 g
– of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 21,4 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
– of which sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt <0.1 g

fatty acid content

palmitic acid 4.8%
palmitoleic acid 0.6%
cis-10-heptadecanoic acid 0.1%
stearic acid 1.0%
oleic acid 71.8%
linoleic acid 21.4%



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Zuzana Milerska

Zuzana Milerska

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Meruňkový olej BIO

Tento olej je lahodný, marcipánová meruňková vůně, neskutečně mě překvapil, za mě vřele doporučuji vyzkoušet. Je to bomba.

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+ 4

Martina Hyková

Martina Hyková

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Meruňkový olej BIO

Meruňkový olej byl mnou první vyzkoušený, používám především zevně na tělo. Nádherná vůně, pokožka krásně jemňoučká, a pro mě to nejdůležitější – neskutečně rychle se vsákne! :-) Miluji!

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Elżbieta Mróz

Elżbieta Mróz

Polski PL (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Olej z pestek moreli BIO

Olej morelowy ma ładny zapach, może być stosowany na rozstępy, poprawia też kondycję włosów, działa nawilżająco, łagodzi stany zapalne. Może być stosowany nawet przy cerze wrażliwej. Łagodzi zaparcia i kaszel ( max. 2 łyżki dziennie, można dodać do sałatek).

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+ 5