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BEWIT Aroma diffuser OASIS 200 with rattan sticks

Mechanical diffuser

Mechanical glass aroma diffuser with 200 ml container volume, rattan sticks.

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BEWIT Aroma diffuser OASIS 200 with rattan sticks

The aroma diffuser in a clear glass design scents the air in the room, even where there is no access to electricity. You can mix ESSENCE into the diffuser, which will support your body and mind without any chemistry. Create a magical environment wherever you want to feel comfortable.

A fragrant oasis

By choosing your favourite essential oil for the diffuser, your room will instantly become a pleasantly fragrant oasis. Thanks to the combination of therapeutic functionality and beautiful design, it is a welcome addition to any interior, which can also serve as a suitable gift for your family or friends.

Companion not only at home

The diffuser is suitable for beauty salons, spa and yoga centres, but also for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, toilets, offices, hotels, hospitals or any other private or public space.


  • It helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It can be an effective tool for insect control.
  • It can act as an emotional stimulant to help calm you down and relieve you of excess stress.


Material: glass, plastic, rattan
** Dimensions:** 66 × 95 mm
** Weight of the diffuser:** 360 g
Volume: 200 ml
** Warranty:** 2 years
Package contents: diffuser, rattan sticks

Instructions for use

Mix one of the following mixtures in your diffuser:

  1. A combination of water, a little alcohol and 10 – 30 drops of your chosen essential oil.
  2. Combination of vegetable oil and selected essential oil (use a maximum of 30 drops of essential oil per 20 ml)

In both cases, do not exceed 200 ml. We recommend turning the rattan sticks regularly, after 7 – 10 days.

Detailed instructions for using and cleaning the diffuser can be downloaded using the DOWNLOAD tab. Instructions are also included with the diffuser in printed form.


BEWIT Aroma diffuser OASIS 200 with rattan sticks

Mechanical diffuser

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Barbora Vávrová

Barbora Vávrová

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Aroma difuzér OASIS 200 s ratanovými tyčinkami

Výborný pomocník do ložnice, kde spí i můj 1,5 letý syn. Vůně přez tento difuzér je velmi jemná a naprosto dostačující. S olejíčkem baby sleep pomáhá při boji s každodenním usínáním. Všichni spíme jako miminka🙂

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Cseresznyés Dóra

Cseresznyés Dóra

Magyar HU (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BEWIT Aroma diffúzor OASIS 200 rattan pálcákkal

Ma kaptam meg, s rögtön „üzembe helyeztem“ az OASIS 200 diffúzort. Rózsafa illóolajat tettem bele illatként, s most finom rózsafa illat járja át a nappalink légterét. Kellemes érzés a közelében lenni…

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