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Soothing care for sunburnt skin


Natural essential oils as the key to skin regeneration

Summer is in full swing, and while sun-filled days are an uplifting oasis for the mind, they can be a challenge for the skin. Summer is in full swing, and while sun-filled days are an uplifting oasis for the mind, they can be a challenge for the skin.

Give your skin proper soothing care with our all-natural BEWIT Essential Oils to support its natural regeneration. Mix your own after-sun serum.

Extraordinary soothing effects of BEWIT Manukaand BEWIT Juniper Cade

If you are looking for an exceptionally soothing treatment for your sunburnt skin,BEWIT Manukaand BEWIT Juniper Cade essential oils are the perfect choice. By mixing them with nourishing BEWIT Vegetable Oils, you can easily make your own after-sun serum to help relieve irritation and contribute to the overall renewal of your skin.

While the gentle, slightly honeyed BEWIT Manuky fragrance is more popular with women, the intense, smoky BEWIT Juniper Cade fragrance is the perfect option for men.

How to make your own after-sun serum?

Pour BEWIT Vegetable Oilinto the BEWIT 100 ml glass bottle with pipette up to the beginning of the neck. Then drip either 17 drops of BEWIT Manuka essential oil or 3 drops of BEWIT Juniper Cade essential oil into the bottle. Close the bottle tightly and shake slowly to mix the contents.

Store the serum ideally in a dry and dark place.

WhichBEWIT vegetable oil to use?

For deep nourishment, hydration and regeneration of irritated skin we recommend using BEWIT Thistle, BEWIT Almond or BEWIT Avocado vegetable oil.

Oil of BEWIT Carrot or BEWIT Sea Buckthorn oils also have a naturally high content of β-carotene, which promotes a beautiful brown tan on your skin. However, be aware that these oils will momentarily turn your skin orange.

How often to use the serum?

Gently massage the serum into irritated skin once or twice a day, ideally after a shower or bath. As your skin condition begins to improve, you can gradually reduce the application.

Is the serum suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the serum is suitable for all skin types. However, we recommend performing a sensitivity test (patch test) before first use.

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