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Mindful aphrodisiac massage for men and women


Are you looking for a natural way to tune into your body's sensuality, boost your libido or revitalise your relationship? A sensitively performed massage can be a perfect and very pleasurable way to reignite even a waning passion.

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Indulge in the wonderful aphrodisiac scent of our essential oils BEWIT Alpinia, BEWIT Galangal and experience unforgettable intimate moments full of emotional connection.

Recipe for massage oil 

In a small bowl, thoroughly mix 5 drops of essential oil with 30 ml of aromatherapy carrier oil BEWIT Essential Base Oil and massage the mixture onto the soles of the feet, breasts, buttocks, thighs and all over the body.

To enhance the experience, you can warm the massage oil slightly over a candle or in a water bath.

BEWIT Alpinia or BEWIT Galangal? Which essential oil is right for you?

Whether you reach for an essential oil BEWIT Alpinia or BEWIT Galangal you can't go wrong, both are excellent aphrodisiacs.

For its slightly sweet and fresh scent similar to ginger, BEWIT Alpinia is particularly popular with women. In contrast, essential oil BEWIT Galangal is especially sought after by men for its distinctly spicy, ginger scent.

Why use our BEWIT Essential Base Oil?

Thanks to its unique composition, it perfectly binds precious essential oils and helps transport them to the deeper layers of your skin. It also spreads beautifully and, together with its synergistic combination of nurturing oils, leaves your skin beautifully nourished and velvety soft to the touch.

How long should an aphrodisiac massage last?

Adjust the length of the massage to your individual needs and the time you have available. To fully experience the aphrodisiac massage, we recommend setting aside 30 minutes to one hour of your time. 

How often should we indulge in aphrodisiac massage?

To promote sensuality and maintain passion, we recommend aphrodisiac massage regularly. Ideally once a week.

But if you don't have the space, don't despair. Every consciously lived moment counts.