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Discount codes | A tool not only for BEWIT enthusiasts


Discount codes are available for the Supervisor or higher positions.

You don’t meet this condition? Take a look at the rewards programme and find out how to get the Supervisor position.

We present a tool to help you share your joy with others. We are launchinga pilot programme of discount codes.

You can create your own discount code and give a new customer a discount of up to 15%.

How does it work?

A new customer will use your discount code, get a discount of up to 15%, register and automatically become a member of your network.

What can you do to make this happen?
Explain the benefits of creating a free customer account. Increase their motivation to register.

If a customer doesn’t register, they don’t become a member of your network, but you still get a one-time commission for their purchase. 

Should you stop using personal affiliate links from your e-shop?

Codes are an alternative way of identification to personal affiliate links from the e-shop. They are suitable for business cards, flyers, but also for trendy social media formats, such as Stories or Reels. They also find their place in direct communication.

Who wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a discount on their first purchase?

How do you do that?

You can set up discount codes conveniently in the Virtual Office. Create as many codes as you need. Their number is unlimited. It is possible to set a time validity for each code. This is great for limited time campaigns or personalized offers. 

BEWIT Discount codes

BEWIT Discount codes

We need your help

We are launching the discount codes function in a pilot programme. Your opinion is crucial to us. We would appreciate your feedback. Please, fill in the questionnaire.

The future of discount codes and their possible improvements are in your hands.

Questionnaire: link

BEWIT Discount codes

What are the conditions of the pilot programme?

  • The functionality is only available for the Supervisor or higher positions
  • A discount code enables a one-time purchase for the B prices (discount up to 15%)
  • A discount code can be used by a non-registered customer or a registered A customer
  • The customer will benefit from the discount after applying the code in the e-shop cart
  • You give a discount by using the discount code. The commission system rewards you with the MB margin. In case of a registered A customer on any level of your network, the MB commission is split between you and that person’s main sponsor.
  • If the registered person is an A customer in a different network, the code won’t be applicable.
  • If you use the code and make a purchase, you get a one-time commission. In addition, if a customer registers, they automatically become a member of your network.
  • You can view the rewards programme here.