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Moving to energy and vitality


They say: "In a healthy body is a healthy spirit", and it is true. More than one study has shown good results in many areas for individuals who exercise regularly, both recreationally and actively.

 Moving to energy and vitality - BEWIT Joyful movement in 90 days

Quality nutrients as a foundation for a vital body

Everything we give to the body will come back to us, and this is true in both the good and the bad. The food we eat should be balanced, as natural as possible and rich in vitamins and minerals. You should avoid large amounts of salt, spices, fat and caffeine. You can include raw and organic superfoods and supplements in your diet. You will also find them in the Joyful Movement in 90 Days package. This 3-month cure contains dietary supplements in the form of prawteins containing valuable substances in natural form such as magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. For the kit, we have created a plan for you on how to use each product to achieve relief of body and mind and feel a burst of energy.

 Moving to energy and vitality - BEWIT Joyful movement in 90 days

Regular exercise is the way to health

A large part of the population spends a third of the day in a sedentary job, and this is not natural for the human body. Without regular exercise, the muscles weaken and many physical problems are associated with this, which also affects the psyche. Therefore, think of your body,vitality and health, surely it will repay us well.

If you want to keep your musculoskeletal system fit, you should move regularly. Nowhere does it say that you have to run five kilometres a day or do fifty squats. Regular exercise can also mean recreational swimming, walking or stretching. The important thing is to choose an activity that will be a pleasure for you and not a worry. Movement should make you happy, it should relieve you of everyday tensions, energise you and help your mental well-being.

Regular exercise contributes to:

Mental health

During exercise,endorphins are released , also called happiness hormones. These substances induce feelings of joy and improve mood.

Heart and vascular health

The movement will get the blood circulating in the body and help it to better oxygenate every cell in the body. So you can help against fatigue and improve the transport of nutrients in the blood.

Physical fitness

Movement can stimulate brain centres and improve concentration, memory, motivation and thus performance. By moving around, you can increase your quality of life and mental acuity.

Strengthening the immune system

Playing sports helps the production of white blood cells, which play a key role in the immune response against viruses and bacteria.

Quality sleep

Surely it has happened to you that after physical exertion you went to bed and did not know it until the morning and felt well rested? The truth is that natural fatigue from exercise or sports activity is very beneficial for deep and quality sleep , and also increases energy.

Increases self-esteem

You may be wondering what sports, exercise and self-esteem have in common. During sport,you often push your limits and push your capabilities. Suppose you decide to walk a five-kilometre route and you make it. You'll feel great about yourself, you'll be proud of yourself and next time you'll put in seven kilometres. In the process, you will strengthen your faith in yourself and your self-confidence.

 Moving to energy and vitality - BEWIT Joyful movement in 90 days

Beware of excessive overloading and exertion

Moving around is healthy, but nothing should be overdone. You shouldn't overload your body, as this causes oxidative stress, which has a negative impact on many reactions in your body. Too much is too much, and this is true in everything. If you've overdone it with sports, you can relieve yourself topically with ointments or help yourself to relax with essential oils that can be added to carrier oils and used for massage. Essential oils smell beautiful and can create a pleasant atmosphere thanks to their purity of substances that come directly from plants and are processed in a gentle way to preserve as many beneficial substances as possible.